Best Practices for Sports Properties to Drive Value for Sponsors

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Among the millions of social media posts everyday, there are very few promotional campaigns & posts that make us sit up and take notice. Although fans eagerly follow their favorite sports teams and athletes on social media, creating and running successful social media campaigns which hold fans’ interest and result in increased engagement and ROI is a huge challenge faced by organizations across sports.

Best practices to drive value for sponsors

Social Media, Sports & Sponsorships

World’s Total Population – >7 billion.
No. of Social Media Users – >3 billion.

42% of the world’s population are social media users today. Social media has grown by leaps and bounds and is continuing to grow everyday. In 2008, the percentage of the U.S population that used social media was 10%. A decade later, that percentage has increased to 77%.

For the sports industry, social media has evolved as a powerful medium through which brands and rights holders alike connect with their audiences. Social media is one of the primary mediums for sports fans to check scores, read sports news, and stream games. Millennials and Gen Z, two of the most populous demographic segments, are avid users of social media and digital channels, and they expect their favorite athlete, team or league to be present on social channels.

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Impact On Sponsorships

The proliferation and rapid rise of social media has had a huge impact on the sponsorship industry. The engagement-based social media platforms have provided avenues for sponsors to accurately measure the value and ROI of their sponsorships and to make sponsorship decisions rooted in data and insights rather than assumptive metrics. Recent studies have shown that sponsors consider a positive social media activity as the second most important metric when evaluating sponsorships.

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Understanding the importance that social media is accorded by sponsors, Hookit has put together a handy guide that details social media BEST PRACTICES that rights holders should follow to be more effective on their social platforms to improve the value driven for sponsors.

A pioneer in the spontech space, Hookit has been valuing and quantifying sponsorships for brands and properties in sports for more than 15 years. This guide lists the top best practices that Hookit routinely shares with its customers to improve their social media posts/campaigns to be highly effective and drive more value for their sponsors.

Included in this guide – Top industry best practices on social media, the Dos and Don’ts that every sports property should follow on social media, and examples that feature athletes and properties who have implemented social media best practices to drive value for themselves and their sponsors.

A pioneer in the spontech space, Hookit is the leading single source platform for quantifying sports sponsorship value across all forms of media. Hookit works with brands and rights holders to expand their sponsorship intelligence, allowing them to buy and sell sponsorships more effectively. Learn more here.

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