Meadowlark Media to Produce Doc, Podcast Series ‘Sports Explains the World’

John Skipper's goal for the franchise is to rival ESPN's '30 for 30'

Meadowlark Media, the content studio founded by John Skipper and Dan Le Batard now has a major sports content franchise to call its own.

The production company is launching its most ambitious content effort yet, a multi-platform series called Sports Explains the World.

What's the deal?

The series will consist of 30 documentaries (about 22-30 minutes long) and 45 enterprise podcasts (most one-off stories, but some with multiple episodes), using sports-related stories to reveal greater truths about the world and society.

Some of the stories in the works stem from Ukraine and Ethiopia, but also include topics closer to home, like a look at the 300 or so Kobe Bryant murals around Los Angeles. Curt Schilling’s infamous 38 Studios debacle and Wilt Chamberlain’s legacy are among the subjects of the podcasts in development.

The bottom line:

“We are putting a stake in the ground that we are going to be a storytelling company,” Skipper tells The Hollywood Reporter. “When we launched the company, what we wanted to do overwhelmingly is to tell stories. Both in the number of podcasts we do and in our video. And one of the great ways to tell a story is to have an anthology series in which to put those.”

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