The Next Ted Lasso? Hollywood Execs Flock to Eli Manning's 'Chad Powers'

1,800 'Think Fast, Run Fast!' Shirts Sell in 24 hours

With his memorable catchphrase, flowing locks, and remarkable resemblance to another football star, "Chad Powers" went viral.

What's the deal?

Since Eli Manning suited up as the fictional Penn State University football tryout for a segment on his show "Eli's Places", Hollywood executives have reportedly expressed interest in adapting the comedy skit into a TV show.

Omaha Productions, which executive produces Eli's Places and is owned by brother Peyton Manning, has "been flooded by people in the entertainment industry" looking to work with Eli, according to TMZ.

Piggybacking off the viral success of the video, a Penn State NIL collective, Lions Legacy Club, sold more than 1,800 shirts Chad Powers shirts with the catchphrase "Think Fast, Run Fast!" to raise money for real walk-ons as reported by Sports Illustrated.

The bottom line:

If "Chad Powers"' is developed into a full-fledged show, it would follow Ted Lasso's footsteps. The Emmy-winning show originated from promotional clips released in 2013 for NBC Sports' EPL coverage, as Jason Sudeikis drew plaudits starring as the lovable-yet-unqualified soccer coach he plays today.

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