The Week’s Best in Sports Advertising

This Week's Best in Sports Ads: Tim Hortons' The Away Game Wows

This week in sports advertising, a grassroots social campaign from a Seattle-based content studio seeks to bring the SuperSonics back home; Wieden+Kenney uses Travis Scott to launch a new basketball campaign; and Tim Hortons’ The Away Game gives us all the feel-good hockey footage of the week.

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1. RXBar — No B.S.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Athlete / Influencer: Ice T

RXBar keeps it simple in this spot mirroring the brand’s mission to be a simple protein bar.

The No B.S. campaign by Wieden+Kennedy tells you what you want to know about RXBars and nothing more, but the smile on your face might linger a little while after their ruthless yet comical ads.

2. Golden State — Game Recognize Game

Agency: Duncan Channon

Athlete / Influencer: Golden State Warriors

The Warriors already have an all-star lineup. But what if H.O.F.-er Chris Mullin teamed up with Steph, Tim Hardaway, and Draymond to run the offense, or if Klay Thompson was able to dish the ball to Manute Bol for 3 while KD celebrates?

Those are the dreams Duncan Channon made come true in a series of videos and images to pay homage to players past and present who ‘Built Dub Nation’ as the team starts its last season at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

3. Seattle SuperSonics — Bring ‘Em Back

Agency: World Famous

10 YEARS. That’s how long it’s been since the SuperSonics played a game in Seattle.

Seattle-based content studio World Famous created this grassroots campaign, where fans share stories (in person and through social media) of past glory in Seattle with the hope of creating enough buzz to ‘Bring ‘Em Back to the city where they made it rain.

4. Tim Hortons — The Away Game

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Athlete / Influencer: Sidney Crosby & Nathan MacKinnon

The NHL season recently started, but the feel-good story of the week in hockey comes from a unique place: Kenya. Tim Horton’s caught wind of a team in Kenya with no opposing teams to compete against and flew them to Canada to compete in their first game.

With a couple additions to their roster in stars Sidney Crosby and Nathan Mackinnon, the Kenya Ice Lions were able to compete for the first time against a Canadian opponent. To top it off, Tim Horton’s has pledged to continue supporting the growth of Kenya’s hockey league.

5. Jordan Brand — Principal Scott

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Athlete / Influencer: Travis Scott

“Welcome back players” echoes through the hallways. It’s Principal Travis Scott on the loudspeaker calling in the next generation of ballers. In this fire spot, Wieden+Kennedy brings together the popular rapper with Jordan Brand to announce the Jordan XXXIII and the start of basketball season across the country.

The ad brings grit, hunger, and a culmination of basketball, sneaker, and hip-hop culture with Principal Scott commanding players to go get what’s theirs.

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