Volunteer Program.

Applications open until May 15, 2023

Make a Difference

There are lots of different aspects of executing Hashtag Sports that we need help with. We do our best to provide a dynamic volunteer experience based on your skills and interests.

Peek Behind the Curtain

Our volunteer program is a great way for ambitious team players to gain valuable experience working at a fast-paced event and to learn the inner workings of the sports, media, and entertainment industries.



Complimentary pass to check out talks from our top speakers, walk the floor, and enjoy the night agenda.


Hashtag Sports t-shirt, other fun swag, and exclusive promotions from partners.


Supercharged resume-booster and a great way to build connections and meet industry professionals.

Join a Community

Our volunteers tell us that one key reason they volunteer at Hashtag Sports year after year is the people they meet. Join us in NYC for the week of June 12 and leave with connections you'll keep with you long after Hashtag Sports 2023 ends.

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Jack VR Headset - HS17

Volunteer Application.

Please complete the following application so that we may determine your eligibility.