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Creator League 5v5 Basketball from House of Highlights

House of Highlights

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Use of Live Video


This submission is for your consideration to select Creator League 5v5 Basketball from House of Highlights (HoH) as a finalist in the BEST LIVE VIDEO category at the Hashtag Sports Awards.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Look around the live sports marketplace and what do you see? Traditional media delivers live sporting events the same way they’ve been doing so for years. With the 2023 Creator League 5v5 Basketball tournament, House of Highlights was able to move the industry forward by delivering the same exciting action on the court with younger, fresher, and newer faces that resonate with the next generation of sports fans. Content creators have just as much impact and influence as some of the top athletes in the world. Don’t just take our word for it, look at how after the Creator 5v5 Basketball Tournament last year, the NBA created their own creator basketball competition with the “Creator Cup” during the In-Season Tournament. If the National Basketball Association is recognizing the excellence of House of Highlights’ influence in creator athletic competition, then so should the Hashtag Sports Awards in this category.


House of Highlights created the Creator League competition series to assemble the internet's biggest creators in engaging live formats that have revolutionized appointment viewing for Gen-Z sports fans. Throughout the years, these competitions have put together some of the best must-see live video sporting events and 2023 was no different. Powered by House of Highlights at the 2023 Dreamcon convention, one of the best live video events of the year was broadcasted live from Austin, TX that attracted audiences from across the globe with the Creator League 5v5 Basketball competition. Welcoming some of the top content creators across social media like, Mark Phillips, Jidion, and MMG to compete on the hardwood broadcasting live across the numerous House of Highlights accounts and partners. In the end Team Mark ultimately defeated Team Jidion to win the on-court match up but not without delievering a live basketball event that captivated not just the audience in attendance but the audience watching across social media.

Strategy & Execution

The Creator League 5v5 Basketball competition at 2023 Dreamcon tapped into the multiple streams of broadcast to bring forth one of the best use of live video from this past year. This live stream strategy leveraged multiple channels to host official streams of the event which expanded the total accessible audience so fans could enjoy the action from anywhere on any device last summer. The event was aired across company channels such as the HoH Creator League YouTube channel, the original House of Highlight YouTube channel, the Bleacher Report app and even across the contestant’s channels for greater visibility as well. For the 5v5 basketball matchup, House of Highlights made the strategic decision to broadcast the game from all angles including owned and operated channels, and official content creators that dominate the social space such as MMG, Agent00, and Flight Reacts who were partnered with to broadcast the game live. House of Highlights even benefitted from other content creators who weren’t official partners but still wanted to help amply the game live to their own audiences.


  • Bleacher Report
  • House of Highlights


Katie Thorpe
Senior Producer
House of Highlights

Josh Halasz
Senior Producer
Bleacher Report

Myriam Wilson
Senior Producer
Bleacher Report

Sam Gilbert
Executive Producer
House of Highlights

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