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Flight 23: Ascension

New York Jets

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Original Film or Series: Long-Form


The New York Jets and 1JD Entertainment created Flight 23: Ascension, a three-part documentary series that takes fans behind the scenes with all the decisions, milestones, and moments during the Jets 2023 offseason. Viewers are shown behind the scenes footage of the trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers’ introduction to the Jets organization, the selection of six new draft picks, free agent acquisitions, and more. Flight 23: Ascension shares the stories and perspectives from the architects of the Jets, including General Manager Joe Douglas and Head Coach Robert Saleh, to provide fans more access and insight than ever before.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Today, the growth of sports fandom starts with creating authentic digital content that highlights the team and organizations personality while connecting with their fan base on a personal level. Flight 23: Ascension was created to show the personal and professional moments of the coaches, players, and executives during the off-season as they prepare for the upcoming season having modern sports fans in mind. This docuseries serves as bigger purpose for the team by allowing fans to learn about the intricate parts that go into a successful offseason that viewers are not always accessible to.

Fans witness the authentic reactions to signings and trades from the decision makers themselves, as the docuseries pushes the envelope for storytelling in the industry. 1JD Entertainment sets a new standard for fan engagement by providing access to spaces rarely visible in the industry, and to sharing the vulnerability and humanity of the team as the grow and evolve gearing up for the next season.


1JD entertainment strives to create compelling content for fans by showing behind the scenes work of a professional football team through the offseason. Throughout the docuseries, fans were given a captivating look into exclusive decisions throughout the offseason, marked by the pursuit of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the ensuing national media coverage that went along with it. 1JD Entertainment released the docuseries weekly beginning in May, sparking greater interest in the team and garnering even more excitement from fans.


Strategy & Execution

The series was captured, edited, and produced by 1JD Entertainment, who’s goal was to make personal content to connect with fans on a deeper level and show the process into building the 2023 roster. The production team traveled across the country to film players and their families in their hometowns, inviting viewers inside for an exclusive look into their lives off the field.

The series captured the pivotal moments of the offseason, beginning right after the 2022 season all the way to the NFL Draft, and included interviews, behind the scenes footage showcasing genuine, authentic reactions, and an inside look at the meetings that take place during the construction of the roster.


  • The New York Jets
  • 1JD Entertainment


  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Joe Douglas
  • Nathaniel Hackett
  • Allen Lazard
  • Will McDonald IV
  • C.J. Mosley
  • Robert Saleh
  • Joe Tippmann


Eric Gelfand
Senior Vice, Communication & Content
New York Jets

Jared Winley
Vice President Communications
New York Jets

Seth Bradley
Director, Feature Productions and Original Programming
New York Jets

Dan Szpakowski
Director, Content and Production
New York Jets

Chris Ubbens
Director Production Operation
New York Jets

Frank Lazar
Coordinator, Creative Brand Production and Cinematographer
New York Jets

Bobby Dougherty
Producer/ Editor
New York Jets

William Hahn
Producer/ Editor
New York Jets

Pablo Mondragon
Coordinator, Content and Production
New York Jets

Austin Seabolt
Associate Producer, Feature Programming
New York Jets

Sarah Conti
Production Assistant
New York Jets

Keira Kinney
Graphic Designer
New York Jets

Tim Morgan
Motions Graphic Designer
New York Jets

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