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How the NFL Can Get Hispanic and Latino Outreach Right

The National Football League left everything on the field for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Here’s Every Hashtag Sports Awards Winner from 2019

The brands, media companies, and sports properties recognized as Hashtag Sports Awards winners in 2019 are among the industry’s engagement elite....

Why Genius Sports Uses Social Listening & Live Data to Inform Media Buys for Marketers

As Commercial Director of Genius Sports Media, Josh Linforth has felt the influence firsthand of both the modern fan and the legalization of sports...

M&M’s Is Driving Huge Sponsorship ROI Through an Athlete’s Social Channels – Here’s How

As one of the driving forces behind social media content creation and influencer strategy at Mars Wrigley Confectionary, Michael Italia is an expert...

ESPN Bets Big on TikTok to Become ‘Home of Hockey’ for Gen Z Fans

As part of ESPN’s strategy to establish ESPN and ESPN+ as the “home of hockey,” the company is tapping TikTok to target Gen Z viewers and...

Steve Ballmer Launches ClipperVision

Nearly a decade after acquiring the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer has finally succeeded in building a direct-to-consumer TV...

Bronny James, Randy Johnson, Nike and Nissan NIL, Amazon, and more

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Newsletter: 10/13/22 issue

The Athletic and The New York Times Is a Marriage With Promise and Tension

The $550 million acquisition of The Athletic is "a very big bet" and one that The New York Times "believes in and is going to get right". ...

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