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Outstanding Use of TikTok



For Lucas Brody and Nelson Vergara, what began as two kids from Lower Manhattan making fun of New York City hoopers while they waited to play in the next pick-up game has translated perfectly into budding TikTok stardom.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Broadcast Boys represent excellence in engagement with authenticity.

They'll be the first to tell you that if they weren't doing numbers on TikTok, they'd be cracking the same exact jokes at their local park with an audience or not.

Lucas and Nelson represent that by sticking to your origins, studying the landscape of a social platform, and executing with confidence, you can achieve massive engagement on creator-led platforms like TikTok.


Objective: With a trademark New York dialect and subtle East Coast humor to boot, the Broadcast Boys set out to find what worked best on the TikTok platform utilizing their authentic big city upbringing.


Strategy & Execution: The Broadcast Boys studied TikTok for months on end to find a recipe for sucess that would resonate with a young, sports and culture-minded audience.

What they found through experimentation was that short and informative biographies, humorous skits, and a steady cadence of sports news and lookbacks paired with their Gotham charm did the trick. Blurring the lines between sport and culture also gone far in democratizing the content for those on the fringes of either interest.

They followed with a few reoccurring series like "The Amazing Life Of" or "The Savage Life Of", but also innovated their storytelling with campaigns to get themselves TikTok verified, telling self-depracating stories from their high school days, and an ever-present quick wit that shows up in every video.



With 1.6 million followers on TikTok, The Broadcast Boys are carving a new path for the sports personality of tomorrow. The New York duo has grown by over 1.1 million followers in 2021 alone while doing over 100M video views every 30 days.

Thanks to massive success on the platform, the House of Highights humorists now also have recurring appearances on NBA on TNT as well as their own Snapchat Discovery show.


Broadcast Boys


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House of Highlights 



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