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Detail brings the audience into the mind of some of sports greatest talents, seeing and hearing from their perspective in a unique platform.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

As a whole, time spent viewing Detail increased by 55% Year over Year. Peyton Manning’s and Daniel Cormier’s versions of the show each saw Year over Year increases in time spent viewing while new versions of the show hosted by sports legends such as Nick Saban, Pau Gasol, and Geno Auriemma each attracted new audiences. After the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, fans continued to binge his versions of the show as well.

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant reignited his #MambaMentality in so many of our fans to tap into their own excellence. Detail has a significant group of die-hard fans that lean into sophisticated analysis and want to be equipped with all the knowledge available via the show. Legendary players and coaches committed themselves to carry on Kobe’s vision for Detail with the same level of passion as it continues to expand across multiple sports.


Objective: Detail was created not to entertain or debate, but to analyze sports in a unique platform. The primary objective for this show is to break down plays through the lens of the athlete. This show brings the audience into the film room with legends of sport in an intimate perspective where their expertise is unfiltered. Whereas other content will discuss news and debate topics, Detail’s goal is to cut straight through into the heart of the game. Detail has grown into multiple sports, with hosts who have reached the pinnacle of their game to bring an unparalleled level of expertise to the fan. No other show allows fans and athletes alike to learn from the best with this level of access.

Strategy & Execution: The modern sports fan is eager for access and analysis, Detail invites fans into the film room with some of the greatest to ever play. Through this medium, fans are able to participate in a masterclass of their favorite sport and or player while learning the game at the highest possible level. Through ESPN+, Detail engages the audience beyond the game, and into the mind of the athlete in the biggest plays of each game. While some plays may seem inconsequential in real time, Detail reveals how every decision in a game can impact winning or losing.


When the sports world shut down due to COVID-19, Detail on ESPN+ kept going. With The Last Dance becoming a cultural phenomenon, Detail set out to produce episodes breaking down the most important players and games from Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. Fans spent 205% more time watching Detail in May 2020 than they did in the average month of the show’s lifespan – largely due to the presence of episodes surrounding The Last Dance.


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