2021 SHORTLIST


                                      HOOPERS VOTE + KICKOFF THE VOTE

                                      Entrant Company: HEARTLENT Group


                                      Best Use of Graphics or Animation

                                      Hoopers Vote + Kickoff The Vote

                                      ABOUT THIS ENTRY

                                      Hoopers Vote was a movement to engage and amplify the powerful influence of basketball culture and the larger-than-self community that defines it, to drive action both on and off the court in the 2020 Election.

                                      How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

                                      We designed over 400 custom digital content pieces for current and former basketball athletes and people with strong ties to the game of basketball, celebrities, personalities, and influencers + current NFL players. Additionally, we created and released a series of Instagram Filters 2-weeks before Election Day for the final voter push.


                                      Objective: Drive voter participation in the 2020 election, particularly in younger generations. Motivate and educate them to check their voter status, register to vote, understand their in-person voting options and mail in ballot options, get involved and get their circle involved as well.

                                      Strategy & Execution: Hoopers Vote and Kickoff The Vote was created in partnership with Rock The Vote.

                                      Kickoff The Vote used Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season to drive action during the final push days before Election Day.



                                      Combined, Hoopers Vote + Kickoff The Vote received over 85,000 Engagements and a 4.2% Engagement Rate with $0 in Paid Media during the 6-week campaign.

                                      More Americans voted in the 2020 election — two-thirds of the voting eligible population — than in any other in 120 years.


                                      HEARTLENT Group
                                      Rock The Vote



                                      Founder, Creative
                                      HEARTLENT Group
                                      HEARTLENT Group
                                      Director of Special Partnerships
                                      Rock The Vote
                                      Advisory Board, Athletes Rock The Vote
                                      Rock The Vote 

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