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Best Use of Fan-Generated Content

Twitter + MLB


Twitter worked collaboratively with the MLB to create a unique experience to bring fans and their Tweets closer to the game -- to be the Roar of the Stadium from afar and continue a critical component to all baseball games for fans - have the chance to "catch" or "receive" a ball from the field.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

A successful Twitter campaign is one in which a users voice is heard, seen, and engaged with. There could be no more true example of this success than in this activation with Major League Baseball. Users were encouraged to Tweet, recognized for their Tweet and responded to via an actual package to their home and via Tweet as a reply. This is how you engage and build a community of fans on Twitter!

We hope this work of fan recognition and community building continues in a non pandemic world, with more and more partners. Fan engagement is only going to get more important (as we all know) - and this campaign is the perfect example showcasing how a league and platform can work together to make magic happen, build relationships with fans and continue to make Twitter the best 2nd screen experience possible - as it's where the conversation is and always will be for real time sports.


Objective: Twitter is what’s happening and where people go to talk about it. When it comes to the conversation around sports, Twitter has long been the sports bar that is always open, the place to converse with fellow fans and react to the greatest moments in sports together as a community. As the pandemic forced the sports world to come to a complete halt, tournaments were canceled, something no one ever dreamed of became a quick reality - when it was time for sports to return, fans wouldn’t be in stadiums.

With this realization, the Twitter team immediately went to work to help our partners develop use cases on the platform to continue the connection and conversation with their fans and the world. Fans are critical to the live sports experience and without their energy, the game is entirely different. Pumped in crowd noise, fan faces on a screen, and new camera angles can only do so much. What was really missing was the true emotional connection fans have with each other, their favorite athletes, and the sports they love in a physical, live event - together, feeling included and a part of the game.


Strategy & Execution: Twitter leaped into action to devise a set of solutions to allow fans to be connected to the game more than ever, even if physically not there. 

While the MLB welcomed a limited number of fans to the World Series, there were still a majority of fans who could not attend. So, we did what Twitter can only do… bring fans close to the action by laser engraving Tweets on... baseballs! Select fans put their stamp on the World Series in a unique way through a first-of-their-kind custom engraved Tweets on official World Series balls, used during batting practice during workout day and prior to Game 1.

The workflow was:

  1. @MLB launches CTA for fans to Tweet in hopes of receiving a ball
  2. Fans Tweet in response to the CTA (UGC)
  3. @MLB responds to fans showcasing their Tweet was actually printed on a baseball



Over 200 World Series Batting Practice balls were laser engraved and shipped to fans across the country. However what we were most excited about was their reaction on platform. Actually recognizing their Tweet was "selected" to be Tweeted. We've shared some examples in the attachment and photos section.



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