🎉 2022 Shortlist


Entrant: LA Clippers

  • Best Athlete Storytelling



The LA Clippers are committed to organic story telling that enhance the relationship our fans have with our players through owned media channels. We wanted our fans to get to know and love Brandon Boston Jr, a late second round pick in the 2021 NBA draft, in the same way came to know and love him.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This sets a new standard for what small internal content teams are capable of with the right relationships, the right talent, and the right workflows. Essentially a two person production team was able to produce what would have otherwise taken 3x longer and cost 10x as much to produce. The methods we employed from years of experience producing high-volume, high-substance content allowed us to produce what i consider the gold standard for internal content team player story telling. Moreover, it's scalable. The overwhelmingly positive feedback by fans (100% positive in YT comments) speaks volumes.

Objective: The LA Clippers are trailblazers in the in-house athlete story telling space. We produce and direct all of our long form content features and series completely in house with a very small team. The intimacy our content team has with the players and front office makes our ability to story tell unique. I'm not sure how many other teams are as committed to owning long form video features with high production value. Our goals are to elevate our players' individual brands, promote key team narratives, continue to solidify the connection between our players and fans, and attract the casual sports fan to our channels. Because of our commitment to the integrity of the story, we lean away from partners for this type of content and it always results in a more authentic final product that our fans appreciate.

Strategy & Execution: Every frame was chosen to target a younger audience and to keep their attention – in particular, Brandon’s following. We went heavy on visual style with more concise sound bites instead of lengthy exposition that narrates every detail. Fans crave knowledge and a reason to care and we always had that in the back of our minds. Capturing and keeping attention is very challenging for longer features and so our strategy was to use highly stylized visual techniques and combine them with creative sound design.

Results: The feature received an overwhelmingly positive review both internally and from our fan base. Most importantly from Brandon himself. Our organization is committed to serving our players and their brands and in this sense, we were able to satisfy business objectives outside of just the tangible numbers associated with social metrics. Continuing to enhance our brand both internally and externally was the primary goal that was met. As far as the social metrics we achieved: Over 1.5 Million Impressions achieved from YT, FB, IG, & TW to date. It will also be aired on our RSN this weekend.


LA Clippers


Tommy Zwiebel
Director, Content & Production
LA Clippers

Cam Beverly
Creative Producer, Editor
LA Clippers

Travis Reder
Production Associate
LA Clippers

Brandon Boston Jr
LA Clippers

Gillian Zucker
LA Clippers

Chris Wallace
Chief Communications Officer
LA Clippers

Paige Kirkpatrick
Director of Partnership Marketing
LA Clippers

Lee Jenkins
Executive Director of Research and Identity
LA Clippers

Dennis Rogers
Director of Communications
LA Clippers

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