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#NFLTwitter – Tweets on the Roof!

Entrant: Twitter

  • Most Creative Partnership



Twitter and the NFL asked fans to submit their biggest, boldest game predictions—and we put them on one of the biggest LED roofs in the world atop SoFi Stadium. @TwitterSports replied back in the timeline to 25+ fan and VIT Tweets, showing them how it appeared on the roof. These replies included OBJ, college teams, and of course the Rams winning Tweet after the game. This campaign celebrated all that is #NFLTwitter, the active community, and continuing the tradition of bringing fan Tweets into the biggest sporting events of the year.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Fan engagement is all about how to connect deeper with Fans and Twitter is uniquely positioned to connect fans with the sports they love deeper than any other platform in the space. On Twitter, when you Tweet - your Tweet becomes relevant to the global conversation of that event, in real time. By showcasing Tweets in out of home locations, we are able to showcase how the relevant conversation can expand beyond the app - exposing the Tweet and that user to the world - but it always starts on Twitter!

The interaction between core accounts (@TwitterSports and @NFL) and the user is a match made in heaven.

Objective: NFLTwitter is a vibrant, lively community on the platform. Twitter and the NFL consistently seek out ways to partner and encourage more users to engage in the conversation, and reward them at key moments throughout the year. Quite simply - the goal of this program was to get more people Tweeting about the SuperBowl, and bring "them" physically (meaning their Tweet) into the Super Bowl experience like never before.

What is unique about this program and it's objective was that it was literally bigger, and bolder than we've ever thought before. The roof at Sofi Stadium proved to be the perfect place to showcase the conversation of #NFLTwitter, and may be the largest, most unique location to showcase a Tweet every before!

Strategy & Execution: Tapping into the core NFL fan - we encouraged fans to participate in lighting up the timeline by Tweeting their craziest, off-the-cuff, realistic, unrealistic, and hilarious Super Bowl predictions. @TwitterSports and the @NFL handle asked for Super Bowl predictions. Exact run of show as follows:

  1. @TwitterSports Tweeted a CTA asking users to submit their predictions
  2. The NFL and Twitter teams collectively sifted through those Tweets to find ones that were wacky and crazy, may come true, and also telling a great story (Tweets from teams and players)
  3. During the week of the Super Bowl, the roof became a home for Tweets. Multiple times throughout the week and immediately after the game - Tweets scrolled through the roof LED screen brilliantly!
  4. capturedContent capture occurred via drone above Sofi Stadium

Once content was captured, @TwitterSports and the NFL replied to users in the timeline with the photo/video of their Tweet on the roof - showcasing how they were involved in Super Bowl week like never before.

Results: A few key outcomes related to this campaign:

  • Over 10k unique Tweet predictions submitted
  • Over 30 Tweets selected for the Roof Content Capture
  • Postseason NFL conversation was up more than 40%
  • Unique authors contributing to the NFL conversation during the post season grew by over 5%




David Herman
Senior Partner Manager - Sports

Josh Tucker - VP
Social Programming & Emerging Platforms

Bryce Gustafson - Director
Social Media

Grace Bowes
Marketing Manager

Adena Jones
Sports + Gaming Marketing Manager

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