🎉 2022 Shortlist

                                      STEPHEN CURRY NBA 3PT RECORD CELEBRATION

                                      Entrant: Rakuten

                                      NOMINEE ✨
                                      • Most Creative Partnership with an Athlete or Influencer



                                      ABOUT THIS ENTRY

                                      In celebration of the new NBA All-Time 3-Point Leader and Global Brand Ambassador Stephen Curry, Rakuten launched a multi-faceted program to celebrate this momentous achievement with fans and the community.

                                      How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

                                      For this once-in-a-generation moment, Rakuten tapped into the drivers and trends of basketball culture to create a national activation with local impact to continue educating fans about Rakuten through joy, rewards, premium products, and experiences that also compliments the Rakuten brand identity.

                                      Leaning into Stephen’s humble, joyful, and giving personality as inspiration, Rakuten exemplified these qualities at the forefront of the campaign to celebrate with fans. Leveraging this angle, Rakuten was able to authentically weave into NBA cultural conversations and further strengthen their association with the league and Stephen Curry.

                                      Objective: In celebration of the new NBA All-Time 3-Point Leader and Global Brand Ambassador Stephen Curry, Rakuten launched a multi-faceted program to celebrate this momentous achievement with fans and the community.

                                      Rakuten rolled out a series of campaigns to highlight Stephen’s milestone, which aims to inspire fans both on and off the court, and, in true Rakuten fashion, reward fans along the way.

                                      Teamed up with video creator Ari Fararooy to produce a celebratory video that depicts an artistic journey of Stephen through the years for social and digital channels

                                      Partnered with sneaker artist/designer Mache, to create 30 pairs of commemorative Curry Flow sneakers for a Rakuten-owned social sweepstakes where lucky fans could win a memorable piece of art that honors Stephen’s journey to this milestone

                                      Collaborated with non-profit organization Bay Area Mural Program to create a mural in Oakland as a tribute to the community. The art celebrates Stephen’s love for the game and his impact in the community. In addition, the mural integrates a QR code where the first 300 fans to scan and go to local black-owned bookstore, Marcus Books, will receive a free book and a chance to win Warriors tickets and a pair of commemorative sneakers

                                      Strategy & Execution: Rakuten utilized their campaign to connect with fans through (4) touch points.

                                      1. Tipped off celebrations with a congratulatory digital spot across Rakuten-owned and paid media platforms that featured Stephen’s journey and the joy he brings to the game

                                      2. Launched a sweepstakes on Rakuten Twitter and Instagram where fans had a chance to win 1 of 30 pairs of commemorative Curry Flow sneakers designed by renowned sneaker designer and artist, Mache. Rakuten increased reach and social buzz by strategically partnering with Mache and influencers Qias Omar, TJ Keasal, and David Gioncgo to create curated content showcasing the sneakers

                                      3. Collaborated with Bay Area Mural Program artists Natty Rebel, Rachel Wolfe-Goldstein, and Timothy B. to create a one-of-a-kind mural memorializing Stephen’s achievement, his contribution to the Bay Area community as well as positively impact a local black-owned bookstore

                                      4. PR efforts amplified reach of the sweepstakes and mural with national and local media to hit both the sneakerhead market and Oakland community

                                      Throughout the campaign, Rakuten leveraged their NBA partnerships to amplify reach to fans including the NBA sharing the sweepstakes on their channels, Warriors reposting the digital spot and sweepstakes, and Stephen highlighting the mural on his social channels.

                                      Results: Rakuten successfully engaged with fans nationally and locally by emphasizing Stephen’s inspirational basketball journey and community impact to celebrate his 3PT achievement. In a short window to effectively capitalize on the moment and fans’ excitement, Rakuten executed multiple activations that seamlessly flowed together and allowed Rakuten to continue telling Stephen’s story through art.

                                      The program achieved multiple KPIs including:
                                      • Digital spot reach and buzz
                                      • Increase in followership and traffic to Rakuten Instagram and Twitter
                                      • Sweepstake’s entries
                                      • Influencer impressions and clicks
                                      • Mural QR code scans
                                      • Books donated
                                      • National and local PR coverage


                                      Rakuten, GMR Marketing, NBA, SC30, Pereira O’Dell, Mache Customs, and Bay Area Mural Program.


                                      Ryan Washatka
                                      CEO, KonMari Media, Inc & SVP Sports & Entertainment, Rakuten Americas

                                      Vicki McCrae
                                      SVP of Brand & Creative Strategy

                                      Kristen Gambetta
                                      Senior Director

                                      Rhea Wadia
                                      Sports and Entertainment

                                      Tom Coates
                                      Group Creative Director

                                      Kristen Graham
                                      Group Creative Director

                                      Carly Easterbrook

                                      Carol Lee
                                      Corporate Communications Director

                                      Peter Aiello
                                      GMR Marketing

                                      Kevin Simon
                                      Account Director
                                      GMR Marketing (currently with Ally)

                                      Kayla Cronin-JimĂ©nez
                                      Account Supervisor
                                      GMR Marketing

                                      Dennis Jenders
                                      Senior Strategy Director
                                      GMR Marketing

                                      Denise Pyfrom
                                      Senior Manager, Global Partnerships & Media

                                      Tiffany Williams
                                      SC30, Inc

                                      Hilary Awad
                                      Head of Brand Development
                                      SC30, Inc

                                      Cameron Edison
                                      SC30, Inc

                                      Jordan Ramirez
                                      Digital Marketing Manager
                                      SC30, Inc

                                      Kevin John
                                      Group Brand Director
                                      Pereira O'Dell

                                      Danny Houghton
                                      Brand Director
                                      Pereira O'Dell

                                      Bridget Pierce
                                      Senior Producer
                                      Pereira O'Dell

                                      Jason Rosenberg
                                      Creative Director
                                      Pereira O'Dell

                                      Will Martin
                                      Pereira O'Dell

                                      Connor Witt
                                      Art Director
                                      Pereira O'Dell

                                      Dan Gamache
                                      Mache Customs

                                      Ari Fararooy
                                      Video Creator
                                      Ari Fararooy

                                      Andre Jones
                                      Executive Director
                                      Bay Area Mural Program

                                      Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith
                                      Creative Director
                                      Bay Area Mural Program

                                      Timothy Bluitt
                                      Lead Artist
                                      Bay Area Mural Program

                                      Keith Williams
                                      Bay Area Mural Program

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