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                                      STEPHEN CURRY 'THE GREATEST' THREE-POINT RECORD TRIBUTE

                                      Entrant: Golden State Warriors

                                      NOMINEE ✨
                                      • Best Life or Legacy Tribute 


                                      ABOUT THIS ENTRY

                                      On December 14, 2021, Stephen Curry solidified himself as the greatest three-point shooter to ever pick up a basketball.

                                      To celebrate the milestone, the Golden State Warriors brought together NBA and WNBA legends to give the best marksman in the history of the game his flowers. “The Greatest” tells the story of Curry’s rise from a scrawny, under recruited player at Davidson College, to becoming the most prolific shooter in NBA history.

                                      How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

                                      This docu-style video brought in the best of the best from the basketball world, to celebrate a person and moment that will forever live in NBA lore. “The Greatest” was the centerpiece of the Warriors' social and digital campaign around the three-point record, which as a whole accumulated over 140 million impressions, leading to record-breaking days across multiple social platforms for the franchise.

                                      Objective: Stephen Curry’s impact on basketball is arguably unlike any professional athlete in their respective sport.

                                      As No. 30 chased the all-time three-point record, it was imperative that we created a video that could live at the forefront of our coverage around this iconic moment and, like the record itself, could stand the test of time.

                                      Knowing Curry’s appreciation for NBA history, and what this record meant to him, we sought to interview individuals that he looked up to along his journey, as well as those that had directly been inspired by his three-point prowess.

                                      Strategy & Execution: “Stephen Curry changed the game of basketball, for good.”

                                      Ultimately, this was the main point we wanted to get across with this piece. Curry isn’t just the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history but is an individual that completely altered how we perceive the three-point shot in the sport.

                                      That’s why, rather than the Warriors’ studio team telling his story, we thought it better to allow Curry’s fellow hoopers to detail his greatness. Over six months, 30+ individuals were interviewed, with each participant asked simply to describe how Stephen Curry changed the game. From Jerry West to Sue Bird, Klay Thompson to Sabrina Ionescu, legend after legend appears in this video to detail how Curry’s mastery of the long-range shot has impacted the game at large, and them personally.

                                      Results: Stephen Curry’s chase of the three-point record captivated the basketball world. While the Golden State Warriors published an array of content before and after Curry broke the record last December, this video served as the centerpiece of the campaign.

                                      • 15 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
                                      • 2.6 million video views across channels
                                      • 700k engagements across channels
                                      • December 14-15 was the most engagements the Warriors have had in 24 hours across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since June 13, 2017
                                      • Led to the highest revenue generation day the Warriors have ever had on YouTube


                                      Golden State Warriors


                                      Kassidy Iwashita
                                      Senior Producer
                                      Golden State Warriors

                                      Tom Frenette
                                      Senior Cinematographer
                                      Golden State Warriors

                                      Zachary Gayer
                                      Manager, Social Media
                                      Golden State Warriors

                                      Nick Darouian
                                      Video Editor
                                      Golden State Warriors

                                      Janet Fong
                                      Cinematographer / Editor
                                      Golden State Warriors

                                      Ryan McGinley
                                      Golden State Warriors

                                      Derek Parker
                                      Media Manager
                                      Golden State Warriors

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