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Entrant: The Players' Tribune

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In 2021, Spinbrush was in search of a partner who would enable the brand to embrace a new chapter in its history. With an emphasis on spin and performance, Spinbrush partnered with the leader in athlete storytelling, The Players’ Tribune, to expertly bring their brand messaging to life through some of the biggest names in sports.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Sports has always presented an opportunity for brands to amplify their brand message, advertise their products & create greater awareness among key audiences. However, there has been no shortage of campaigns that neglect to look for & create greater connections between their brand & sports - they simply slap a logo on a website or hire an athlete to create a commercial without ever thinking, ‘Is this an authentic partnership?’. With today’s audiences & consumers looking for authenticity & purpose in nearly every brand relationship they have, making these greater connections is more prevalent than ever before.

By partnering with The Players’ Tribune, & connecting with athletes whose stories naturally align with their brand messaging, Spinbrush was able to authentically connect themselves to the world of sport, creating greater engagement with their audiences. ‘The Power of the Spin’ beautifully showcases the spin journeys of various athletes, & while they are all very different athletes & people, their stories were moving, relatable & positioned them in a new, innovative light. Giving athletes a voice & an opportunity to tell their stories in unique ways is what TPT prides itself on, & by utilizing this authenticity in their new chapter of brand messaging, Spinbrush was able to create powerful moments through incredible content.

Objective: In 2021, Spinbrush, was in search of a partner who could enable them to align with strong and impactful storytelling around their Pro-Clean products’ messaging of spin and performance. Marking a new chapter in the brand’s history, they wanted to align with a partner that not only had proven experience in strong sport storytelling, but a knack at creating meaningful consumer connections through premium content creation.

Spinbrush’s specific goals for this partnership were to:
Align themselves with powerful stories in sports to show how spin is a foundational part of the lives and careers of a diverse cross-section of athletes
Create content focused on highlighting Spinbrush products and messaging while organically integrating within the sports space

As a result, Spinbrush partnered with The Players’ Tribune (TPT), the leader in athlete storytelling, to create ‘The Power of the Spin’ campaign. Leveraging our vast community of athletes, TPT was able to connect Spinbrush’s key messaging points with some of the biggest names in sports and through a multi-pronged approach to content and media - inclusive of long-form and short-form video content, visually stunning photography, and an impactful media strategy - enabled the brand to dynamically and successfully connect to consumers within the sports space.

Strategy & Execution: ‘The Power of the Spin’ leveraged a multi-layered approach to content & media in order to connect Spinbrush with the world of sport - combining various methods to connect athlete stories to the messaging of spin & performance.

TPT curated a diverse panel of athletes -- Sue Bird, Pedro Martinez, Renee Montgomery, Christian Craig, & Shawn Johnson -- with strong connections to Spinbrush’s message & the capability to greatly engage with the target audience through authentic & honest conversation.

Firstly, the campaign leveraged TPT’s award winning video & photography resources to share the personal stories of Bird & Martinez, diving into how their spin moves (whether on the basketball court or the baseball diamond) shaped their careers. These striking hero & photo act videos showcased the power of spin in the lives of these athletes through stirring, visually-stunning assets.

Additionally, TPT created selfie-styled content featuring Montgomery, Craig & Johnson, & their families, embracing spin in their daily lives while utilizing Spinbrush products. This snackable, light-hearted content not only provided meaningful visibility of Spinbrush’s Pro-Clean products, it also organically integrated them into the daily lives of the featured athletes - creating an intrinsic connection between the brand & sports.

Finally, TPT utilized ROS display, pre-roll & impactful first-impression takeovers to provide Spinbrush valuable visibility among consumers.

Results: As previously stated the goals of this campaign were to align Spinbrush with powerful stories in sports to show how spin is a foundational part of the lives & careers of a diverse cross-section of athletes, & to create content focused on highlighting Spinbrush products & messaging while organically integrating within the sports space.

Through their athlete relationships & premium content creation resources, The Players’ Tribune was able to not only create an impactful, multi-tiered campaign that not only met these objectives, but exceeded them. By working closely with their athlete community & the Spinbrush team, TPT was able to create visually compelling pieces that stayed true to the athletes’ story while balancing & celebrating Spinbrush’s key messaging. Additionally, through the use of athlete generated content, TPT was able to put the product in the hands of athletes, seamlessly incorporating Spinbrush’s messaging & products into the sports space.

Overall, ‘The Power of the Spin’ was one of TPT’s most successful campaigns of the year, overdelivering on guaranteed views by more than 1M+ impressions with more than 11M+ impressions in total. Additionally the first-impression takeovers over delivered by over 7M+ impressions, while the supporting media (pre-roll & display) saw a VCR of 96% & a CTR of .09% respectively.


The Players' Tribune, Spinbrush, Wavemaker


The Players' Tribune


Sue Bird
The Players' Tribune Contributor
The Players' Tribune

Pedro Martinez
The Players' Tribune Contributor
The Players' Tribune

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