THE AUROCHS NFT: 23 Artists x Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls

The 5th Annual Awards

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  • Best Engagement Through NFTs or Digital Collectibles


Wanting to create a meaningful, artist-first NFT drop, the Bulls created THE AUROCHS, a project offering just 23 single edition 1/1 pieces of art from 23 of the most innovative and creative artists in the web3 space.

The project gave a diverse array of artists from around the world the chance to reimagine the Bulls logo of one of the most ubiquitous sports brands worldwide, splitting the revenue with them equally.

The Bulls highlighted artists with different perspectives and who are making waves in the web3 space. We wanted an authentic representation of the art industry and of Bulls fandom and therefore over half of the artists featured were female or people of color. The artists involved were some of the most innovative names in the space.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

There is a lot of valid skepticism about web3 and unsuccessful, meaningless NFT projects as we all continue to navigate the learning curve of this emerging platform. By spotlighting deserving, diverse artists and being true to the web3 space while still maintaining the ethos of the Bulls brand, we engaged multiple communities and celebrated the people moving the industry forward.

The Bulls have long engaged the artistic community in different ways across our content and marketing efforts. The Bulls brand means something to so many people that we feel it belongs to the people and seeing how artists have interpreted it in various ways over the years has been highly fulfilling.

This project was the culmination and celebration of our approach to supporting artists in web3 space, a space that for all its warts has empowered artists in new ways. Working with these 23 artists was a massive honor and a privilege and something that will now live forever on the blockchain.



As believers in the possibilities opened by the world of emerging digital assets, the Bulls have a longstanding interest in making a meaningful, intentional impact on the web3 space. Through this project, we wanted to honor and reflect on the impact web3 and NFTs have had on artists - allowing them to make a living off their art and creativity.

We teamed up with 23 artists to get their individual interpretations of the Bulls logo. Each artist created a small number of 1-of-1 NFTs that would interest art collectors and Bulls fans alike. We took a storytelling approach to this project, shining a spotlight on the most dynamic artists on the Internet and giving them all complete creative freedom. In the spirit of the web3 ethos, we split the proceeds evenly with the participating artists.

THE AUROCHS marks the first time a professional sports team has launched a project like this.


Strategy & Execution

The Bulls have one of the most iconic and globally recognized logos in all of sports and has not changed since its debut in 1966. Through this project, we gave artists the chance to reimagine this logo in their own style.

Each artist produced their own unique 1-of-1 in various formats (video, photography, illustrations), which were sold exclusively on Coinbase NFT as a 24-hour auction, marking the first NFT collaboration from a professional sports team to launch on Coinbase's NFT marketplace.

Throughout the 24-hour auction, the Bulls changed their profile picture on Twitter in intervals to represent each of the artists' work. We also posted each of the NFTs on Instagram, which garnered more fan engagement than any of our off-the-court content posted in 2022.

In addition to traditional marketing outreach, we reflected the typical methods of promotion by web3 artists and fans. The project was promoted via Discord, Twitter Spaces where the artists hosted discussions on their inspiration and approach, and through other web3 platforms.

Web3-focused outlets like The First Mint and CoinDesk spotlighted this approach in their coverage documenting the Bulls' foray into web3. The project was also promoted through the each artist's individual channels.


  • Chicago Bulls
  • Coinbase

Featured Artists

  • Alexa Meade
  • Betty & Psych of Deadfellaz
  • Blake Jameison
  • Bobby Hundreds
  • Claire Salvo
  • Claire Silver
  • Efdot
  • Gxng Yxng of Ghxsts
  • Maliha Abidi
  • Michael Salisbury
  • Mike Fogg
  • NoPattern
  • Sabet
  • Sean Williams
  • Shay the Surrealist
  • Sick Pencil
  • Sophie Sturdevant
  • Swopes
  • Varvara Alay
  • Zoe Rain


Luka Dukich
VP, Content
Chicago Bulls

Dan Moriarty
VP, Marketing
Chicago Bulls

Danielle Finnerty
Manager, Partnership Marketing
Chicago Bulls

Serena Yeh
Digital Partnerships Manager
Chicago Bulls

Chukwukere Ekeh
Business Development, Vertical Partnerships

Jessica Williams
Director, Brand and Partnerships

Celebrate in NYC

Join us for the 5th Hashtag Sports Awards™ on the evening of June 14, 2023 as we celebrate finalists and reveal the winners of this year's awards live during the show.