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NASCAR fans go wild for paint scheme reveals on their favorite race cars, and we tapped into that passion and decided to take things to the next level with an unprecedented contest program for Ally Racing.

Ally paired up their #48 car driver Alex Bowman and celebrity car and restoration expert, Danny Koker to bring a historical opportunity for NASCAR fans to design their very own paint scheme. The winner's design would be printed on the real #48 car and race the track at a NASCAR race in Las Vegas.

And in September 2022, we launched Koker’s Garage.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

At the start of 2022, women’s sports were still receiving the same amount of broadcast coverage they did in the 1980’s. Against the backdrop of a male-dominated sports industry that has seen incredible growth in technology and revenues over the past few decades – the current gender equity gap comes painfully into focus.

So how do brands disrupt the status quo?

It requires a bold vision, out-of-the-box thinking, and the courage to make substantial investments in historically underrepresented areas. Ally is leading the charge of big ideas that are driving big results – for business and society as a whole.


“Less than 10% of sports media coverage is dedicated to women’s sports.”

For Ally, this data point represents a pressing societal challenge and a salient business opportunity, an opportunity that drove a very specific objective: grow the 10%. This objective not only represents the right thing to do, but it’s also good for business. Investing in women’s sports provides a platform to grow Ally brand awareness, affinity, and engagement.


Strategy & Execution

Big challenges require bold and innovative solutions. Ally’s partnerships with the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and NWSL Player’s Association (NWSLPA) are a good start, but more is needed to achieve meaningful, lasting change. Ally identified three key focus areas/insights which helped drive this initiative forward:

  • Deeds not words.
  • We can’t do it alone.
  • The time is now.
  • Our big idea: “The Ally 50/50 Pledge”.

At the espnW Summit, Ally made a groundbreaking announcement: committing to equal spending across women’s and men’s sports media. This was a specific, measurable, and actionable commitment, epitomizing the idea of “deeds over words”.

On the 50th anniversary of Title IX, Ally turned this pledge into action by launching a national campaign called “Watch the Game, Change the Game,” a call-to-action promoting the idea that visibility = opportunity. The campaign included a new TV spot scaled across broadcast, digital, and social media channels, along with the #WatchToChange hashtag and comprehensive influencer program. We generated massive momentum and had one more major announcement to make.

In partnership with the NWSL and CBS Sports, Ally led the effort to move the NWSL Championship game to “Primetime”—for the first time in history.


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Andrea Brimmer
Chief Marketing & PR Officer

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Executive Director, Marketing

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Head of Sports & Entertainment Marketing

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Marketing Manager, Sponsorships & Events

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Senior Marketing Specialist

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Senior Marketing Specialist

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Marketing Specialist

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