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The 5th Annual Awards

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Betr is the world’s first sports betting company to focus predominantly on microbetting, a new form of betting that introduces instant gratification to the sports betting user experience by enabling the moments that drive U.S. sports consumption—such as pitches & at-bats of baseball games and plays & drives of football games—to become discrete betting opportunities.

Co-Founders Joey Levy and Jake Paul built a media component to produce content that allows them to reduce customer acquisition costs and efficiently build a large, dedicated audience.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Since its launch, Betr has reached record-setting milestones in only six months of being operational. Specifically, Betr has reached over 539 million views, 473 million engagements, and 1.2 million followers gained over all social media outlets (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok). While the statistics are encouraging, Betr prides itself on innovating on social and expanding our personality-driven original content approach in an industry that has seen the same playbooks re-ran throughout different brands.


Betr is re-imagining the same-old curation-first playbook run by the competition. Our top priority is to scale audience/brand affinity, and we feel this original approach enables us to create the culture rather than repost it. First, Betr’s podcast network is considered one of the fastest-growing sports shows with large video and social audiences.

Another aspect differentiating Betr from the industry is the always-on social media, capturing the most notable moments everywhere we go, including behind-the-scenes coverage with our ever-ground talent roster. Lastly, Betr produces top-class tentpole activations. Whether with the RV, at a Content House, or at a bar, we bring Betr out of the warehouse and into the real world, owning the most significant moments on social and beyond.

Strategy & Execution

A crucial part of Betr’s business is the dedicated media platform integrated into the sports betting brand that allows Betr to produce original content that develops best-in-class brand awareness and affinity. Betr Media capitalizes on Paul’s longstanding social media following while also investing in up-and-coming personalities and influencers.

In addition to Betr’s most popular show, BS w/ Jake Paul—which routinely goes viral and features A-list guests such as Tyreek Hill, Rick Ross, Tyler Herro, and Dez Bryant—Betr has developed personalities and shows such as 100x Club with Marco Piemonte, who is known for million dollar parlay hits and has taken off, due in no small part to Marco hitting multiple $3+ million parlays in 2022.

Handshake Bets is another Betr property—self-described as the social gambling revolution—building a community of Handshake Betrs who love to challenge each other outside of sports. They host “the Betting Corner” podcast and create innovative and fun bets on all of life’s daily activities.


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Mike Denevi
Head of Media
Betr Holdings, Inc.

Harrison Powers
Media Operations Associate
Betr Holdings, Inc.

Joey Levy
Founder & CEO
Betr Holdings, Inc.

Celebrate in NYC

Join us for the 5th Hashtag Sports Awards™ on the evening of June 14, 2023 as we celebrate finalists and reveal the winners of this year's awards live during the show.