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Dance Camera Media launches the Bogo Boogie Dance Cam, offering companies of all sizes coveted in-arena exposure at an affordable price, and providing student-athletes across various sports access to NIL compensation.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Bogo Boogie Dance Cam represents a new benchmark in fan engagement through its innovative approach to sports marketing. Our micro-fractional sponsorship model, which allows for local, regional, and national advertisers to gain access to in-arena sponsorships at a fraction of the cost of traditional annual sponsorships, disrupts the industry's status quo. Moreover, our approach enables us to offer sponsorships to clients who would typically be priced out of the market.

Our repurposing of the dance cam to create an ever-changing line-up of sponsors and promotion takes fan engagement to a new level. The integration of QR codes that direct fans to digital coupons adds an extra layer of value to our promotion. And by providing NIL-compensated student-athlete brand ambassadors, we offer our clients access to influence marketing, which is 11x more effective than other digital media advertising tactics.

We believe that our micro-fractional model will become the industry standard as sponsorship costs continue to skyrocket. Our innovative approach, marrying fan entertainment with sponsor promotion, serves as a blueprint for other brands looking to break through the clutter of sports marketing and build lasting relationships with their target audience.

Objective: The creation of our work was driven by two unique objectives. First, as a sports marketing and media company, we sought to re-imagine and revolutionize a traditional in-game entertainment feature, the dance cam, by transforming it into a dynamic promotional tool that delivers fun and value to fans. Our innovative use of the dance cam, combined with our BOGO offers featuring student-athlete brand ambassadors, delivered a unique and exciting brand activation experience that provided an unparalleled platform for our clients' brands to connect with sports fans.

Second, we aimed to provide local, regional, and national advertisers with unprecedented access to in-arena sponsorships at a fraction of the cost of a traditional annual sponsorship.

By developing a micro-fractional sponsorship model, we disrupted the industry by providing an affordable and effective way for smaller brands to enter the sports marketing space. Our model allows clients to target specific markets, reduce waste, and optimize ROI while providing an unparalleled opportunity to connect with sports fans in a live event setting.

Overall, our unique objectives allowed us to develop a groundbreaking solution that benefited sports fans, student-athletes, and local, regional, and national sponsors.

Strategy & Execution: The Bogo Boogie Dance Cam campaign was designed and implemented with the modern sports fan in mind through a variety of innovative tactics. First, integrating easily scannable QR codes provided a seamless way for fans to access digital coupons and share them via social media.

The inclusion of student-athlete brand ambassadors who receive NIL compensation allowed for greater connection to sports fans across demographics and added a layer of authenticity to the campaign. This was groundbreaking within the industry and a first for our team partners. Additionally, our micro-fractional operating model generates more sponsorship opportunities from a variety of advertisers, providing more value to fans throughout the season. By leveraging these tactics and incorporating the latest trends in sports marketing, we were able to effectively engage with fans and provide a fun and valuable in-game experience that resonated with modern sports fans.

Results: The Bogo Boogie Dance Cam campaign achieved effective engagement by delivering a unique and engaging experience for fans, combined with a cost-effective sponsorship model that met the needs of local, regional, and national advertisers. The use of the dance cam in-game feature as the basis for our rotating BOGO offers delivered a fun and value-driven feature that fans enjoyed and anticipated, driving engagement and buzz on social media. Additionally, the easy use of QR codes to access digital coupons and share them with friends on social media helped to amplify the campaign and drive engagement.

Our use of student-athlete brand ambassadors created a new, authentic connection with fans, and our micro-fractional operating model provided a cost-effective alternative to traditional sports sponsorship. This enabled our client, Bay Area startup AnimalBiome, to achieve its goals of increasing brand awareness, volume, and revenue.

Measurable business outcomes included greater than 200,000 impressions, 5% conversion rates, and 400% campaign ROI. Overall, the campaign successfully engaged college sports fans, delivered measurable business outcomes, and provided a cost-effective alternative for advertisers looking to reach sports audiences.


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Brian Caskey
Graphic Designer & Editor

David Muhlenfeld
Creative Director
English Major

Reginald Bowser
Dance Camera Media

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