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Buzzer makes must-see live sports moments easily accessible. The platform was developed with younger fans’ evolving consumption habits in mind, serving as the last-mile technology that connects sports fans to live and ephemeral moments.

Buzzer focuses relentlessly on sports fans’ unique interests and makes it easier to discover and watch the live sports moments they care about most.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Buzzer improves the fan experience by leveraging data to serve as the last mile tech connecting fans to ephemeral live sports moments.

At our core, Buzzer’s purpose is to build community and offer sports fans access to personalized live sports action anytime, anywhere. Sports is the ultimate unifier—it brings people from all backgrounds together through moments of triumph and unforgettable experiences—that's why our technology and product were built to enable access and engagement with these moments that bring people together.

Buzzer speaks to fans' hearts and lets them drop into the sports moments they don’t want to miss right as they’re happening, wherever they are, in real-time.

The live sports industry needs to adapt to the interests of modern fans, or we will lose out on engaging with them. Our technology aligns with the evolving consumption habits of Gen Z and mobile-first sports fans with hyper-personalized notifications, short-form live formats, and multi-sport strategy, leading to a greater total viewership of sports.

Buzzer generates new revenue and offers a new opportunity for partners to monetize existing rights while justifying the economics of subscription services.


Our goal is to advance sports media by enlisting more fans to watch live sports.

Buzzer solves three major industry challenges with next-gen sports fans always top-of-mind:

  • Mobile-first: Younger fans are increasingly watching sports on their mobile phones - 65% of sports fans aged 18-35 watch sports via mobile apps. Highlights and clips becoming the fastest-growing sports consumption sectors. Buzzer creates an opportunity for a new “short-form live” category through simplified access and social sharing.
  • Evolved & diverse interests: Younger fans follow more players, teams, betting odds, storylines, and sports than older fans. Sports fans today follow 6.3 sports on average and sports media and distribution are heavily fragmented. Buzzer addresses this trend by serving as a neutral technology that aggregates fan interests, provides curated access, and allows fans to follow and tune in to watch their favorite players, teams, and milestones.
  • Personalization & Discovery: With the unbundling of media, it is expensive and difficult for fans to find what they want to watch, how to watch it, and when to tune in, resulting in a decline in live sports consumption. Buzzer offers enhanced discovery through hyper-personalized notifications and a frictionless viewing experience by aggregating live sports content into one accessible destination.

Strategy & Execution

Buzzer is a fan-driven mobile platform, built to meet the needs of modern fans with a seamless experience catered to each user.

We are committed to serving varying fan interests and improving discoverability and accessibility of content (even content that was otherwise only accessible via subscription) as well as building products that complement growing sports industry models, including sports betting. As an example, betting odds were integrated into the platform, driving additional purpose and engagement to tap into a live moment.

Buzzer recently introduced a credit system in-app, allowing fans to earn or be gifted credits and redeem them for ‘free’ live Buzzer moments. Credits reduce payment friction by enabling fans to jump into the live moment faster. The system also creates a rewarding and gamified experience for sports fans.

Buzzer also launched a "Where to Watch" feature to help improve discovery for fans. Each user has a customized EPG based on their preferences, and Buzzer leverages personalization, curation, and notifications to combine a user's unique fandom in one place and surface only the moments that matter to fans on mobile.


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Bo Han
CEO & Founder

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