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2023 Nominee ✨
  • Best Athlete Storytelling


Offering real-time provocative opinions on the hottest topics in the game, 4-time NBA champion Draymond Green sounds off on the NBA and goes 1-on-1 with some of the biggest names in basketball.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Draymond Green Show’s 2022 explosion can be traced directly to The Volume’s willingness to experiment with the timeline that traditional sports storytelling typically adheres to. Minutes after the final whistle, viewers can go immediately to The Volume's social channels to watch instant reactions to the games they just saw.

We believe that the ability to deliver content live, allowing hosts to instantly connect with fans, is fast becoming a new industry standard that will inspire the evolution of sports media in years to come.

At the center of this success is Draymond. His electric personality captures fans’ attention instantly, and his bold, unfiltered commentary is perfectly suited for instant reactions. A smaller personality might not find the same success engaging fans, but Draymond’s larger-than-life persona and the show’s aggressive, bombastic approach to distribution and production make for a unique podcast that is truly lightning in a bottle.

The Draymond Green Show already leads the pack in viewership and engagement as new athlete-storytelling podcasts arrive on the scene daily. He’s shown firsthand the power of a provocative, rapid reflection on a game in captivating an audience, and podcasters will attempt to copy his recipe for success for years to come.



In a crowded, fast-moving digital landscape, The Volume constantly innovates to provide fans with instant, authentic reactions to the hottest breaking sports news. With The Draymond Green Show, The Volume has broken the fourth wall between athlete and audience.

The show empowers one of the NBA’s most outspoken star athletes to share his personal thoughts, provide commentary on his own games, and deliver a candid, first-hand perspective directly to his fanbase.

The long-form podcast format gives Green the opportunity to share his basketball expertise through monologues and intimate interviews with his fellow players. The first season of The Draymond Green Show, launched in November 2021, saw Draymond delivering uniquely authentic content every week, providing fans with his unfiltered opinions and unprecedented real-time insights as The Warriors progressed through the Championship series.

Strategy & Execution

The Volume continues to strive to be more than a podcast network. A robust video offering that captures the “always on” social media ethos by delivering live window content during and instant reactions immediately after games presents a valuable opportunity to meet fans where they are.

The Volume is essentially a case study on how to launch and grow a successful YouTube channel. Part of its secret sauce is is leveraging outspoken star athletes with news-making potential. Who better to lead this new initiative than the most provocative voice in the NBA: Draymond Green. The Volume sold Draymond on hosting the show himself, pivoting from Draymond's previous podcast, which was co-hosted. With the new strategy, Draymond began recording realtime testimonials directly after games, which eventually led to an instant reaction from the locker room less than an hour after The Warriors won The Finals in 2022.

A comprehensive digital distribution strategy is the key to The Draymond Green Show’s national success. The Draymond Green Show’s Instagram account, launched in May 2022, gained over 110k followers in under a year.


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