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  • Best New Fan Experience


Vixi Live is a mobile video streaming platform specifically designed for live events. The tech allows in-arena fans to engage with the event like never before. Using a QR code, fans can instantly be projected onto video boards at venues and react to the event in real-time.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The creation of Vixi Live was in response to the era of modern fandom. Fans are often looking to be entertained in ways beyond the athletic competition taking place on the field - they want to be engaged and entertained throughout the duration of their experience. By giving the fans the control of the technology in their own hands, The Famous Group has spearheaded a new era of fan experience. It’s an easy-to-use platform for fans of all ages and demographics and creates an unforgettable experience for those shown on the video board.

The technology itself has shown growth in sports and beyond. Although currently being widely used by teams and leagues in the sports sphere, the platform is capable of implementation in all forms of entertainment. The platform additionally allows for brands to organically activate sponsorships at live events through effective branding on Vixi Live itself.



The Vixi Live platform was created with the purpose of giving fans in attendance the ability to engage with the game and put the control in their own hands. Representative of an era of fan empowerment, Vixi Live presents the opportunity for any fan to appear on screen and experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The rapid implementation of Vixi Live across all major sports has created the opportunity for fans to experience live events in new and compelling ways.

Like other tech innovations created by The Famous Group, Vixi Live was created as a first-of-its-kind platform geared to further enhance the overall experience and bring fans directly to the forefront of the event itself. Additionally, teams, leagues, and brands gravitate to the platform as it galvanizes the fanbase at the event, adding to the overall live game experience.

Strategy & Execution

The Famous Group created an all-new technology that can be easily adapted for any venue, and that can be used by any fan. Fan experience is paramount to the success of TFG activations, and Vixi Live’s platform keeps the fan at the center of every moment. The technology was created in the last year and has seen rapid growth globally in an extraordinarily short period of time. It’s easily adaptable to any venue regardless of the event and has rapidly increased engagement with each use.

Fans are presented with a unique QR code on the video board at the specific venue to scan and have the chance to be featured on-screen throughout the event. Vixi Live instantly allows fans to react to the game in real-time and creates an authentic two-way communication between the event and the fans. The Vixi Live platform has been used not only by teams at games themselves, but at premier events in the sporting calendar including the NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs.


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Jon Slusser
Founder & CEO
The Famous Group

Matthew Marcus
EVP, Proprietary Technologies
The Famous Group

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