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The 5th Annual Awards

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We established the biggest streaming deal in the history of Brazil with the most respectful and profitable soccer entity in the world. The deal not only included the FIFA World Cup, but it also included the challenge of making digital and free streaming at the center or coverage for the whole tournament.

In order to do that and reach as many people as we could, we developed two different approaches. We were in charge of the broadcast of every FWC match at FIFA+ and given control of the whole transmission, the narrator, the signal with Qatar, and other aspects related to the streaming itself—for example, images, script, narrator, and keeping a high level of quality as a whole since we were representing FIFA in all 64 matches. In this edition, CazéTv, besides FIFA+, could reach not only Brazil but 1.5B viewers.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The challenge was to create full coverage of the FIFA World Cup on a digital platform. Since it is very cultural to enjoy this kind of content in CATV, we had to think of another way of executing so we would attract those who are not satisfied with how it is being done. Thus, we created a format that looked like the viewer was watching the match with their friends—this included a relaxed style, comedy, and an emphasis on interaction with the audience. With that said, those who enjoy watching the match not in this format of additional entertainment could access FIFA+ and get the same quality experience.



We had the challenge of making all of this happen in less than 30 days. We had to prepare the physical structure so that we could film and broadcast. We had to gather a team of stars to cover not only the live broadcast but also the live reaction in Qatar. Furthermore, we had to quickly negotiate with all of FWC the sponsors so we could execute our strategy without disrupting rights.

Strategy & Execution

To level up something that was already giant, we decided to include the biggest and most famous Brazilian Streamer—Casimiro. Casimiro, or as people kindly call him Cazé, became popular during the pandemic. He is the one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world and has been reaching more and more popularity due to his authenticity. To ensure this strategy adhered not only to the soccer content itself but also in authentic manner with the audience, we decided to invite Cazé’s friends who could add something valuable to the content. Throughout the competition, we were able to draw the attention of Brazilian fans and improve the broadcast.


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Casimiro Miguel

Sérgio Lopes

Leonardo Lenz Cesar
Senior Partner

Victor Machado
Head of Sports Partnerships – Brazil

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