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For over 50 years, A world without sports? Unthinkable for most of us. But for many, unfortunately, it's a bitter reality. That's because many people feel excluded from sports due to various barriers. For our client Intersport, we wanted to draw attention to this problem and at the same time position the brand as a strong partner for all those who want to find their sport.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Increasingly short attention spans, decreasing budgets for more and more snackable content. And brands that don't dare to take a clear stand. With our film, we proved that there is another way. We broke all the current laws of the market. And that's exactly what made our film so successful.

Our almost ten-minute film is proof that people do watch long commercials. As long as it's a story that moves them emotionally. And that brands can have a clear stance as long as it speaks to their target group from the heart.

We have created a communicative platform that we can continue to use for years to come. And we have shown that Intersport is a brand that is there for its customers even in difficult times.



A study that has been initiated by INTERSPORT had shown that 75% of all Germans are unable to practice sports the way they would like to.

This is often because of personal or social reasons, which those affected by do often not talk about publicly. These reasons include the fear of body shaming, fear of sexual harassment, or a general lack of different sports offers nearby.

As one of the world’s biggest sport retailers, Intersport wanted to draw attention to this alarming situation and wake people up with a campaign that had a dystopian film as its centerpiece showing how a world would look if sports were prohibited.

Strategy & Execution

Our creative approach removes what fans care about most and erases it from their world: sports. An almost unimaginable situation, but one that unfortunately doesn't seem so far-fetched in today's world.

We introduce a world without sports to sports fans. A grim dystopia in which exercise is a crime. But we also show that the power of sport unites us and that it will always succeed in the end. That sport is something that drives us deep inside. The glue for our society and for our spirit. And last but not least, we show why it is so important that everyone should have unrestricted access to sports..



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Head of Marketing
INTERSPORT Deutschland e.G.

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INTERSPORT Deutschland e.G.

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Head of Sponsoring
Jung von Matt SPORTS

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Executive Creative Director
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Senior Project Manager
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Gunnar Laal Ermes
2. Unit DOP

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Executive Producer
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Markenfilm Hamburg GmbH

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Production Designer

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