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  • Best Integrated Marketing Campaign


After nearly 20 years of regularly playing on American soil, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) and Soccer United Marketing launched the first-ever branding campaign for U.S.-based fans called Somos Locales. The campaign, which translates to "We are the Home Team” sums up the collective story of pride, family, and tradition shared by tens of millions of fans living in the US.

The campaign draws on the passion and pride that is the DNA of FMF brand yet gives license to US fans to express themselves in a way that is personal, impassioned, and above all—unapologetic.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Somos Locales captures the pride and love Mexican-Americans have for their National Team. The 2022 campaign highlights regional nuances and introduced market-specific hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphs are an homage to Mexican indigenous culture overlaid on images of modern US-Hispanic communities.

It showcases the diverse richness of Mexican-American communities across different US regions. Adding to the emotional and cultural connection are exciting images of the MNT in all its glory. Images of passionate fans exuding their love for the team while action shots heroic players and goals comprise the video. For an additional modern touch, the spot was voiced and musically scored by prominent Mexican-American electronic music artist – Deorro.

Somos Locales is ripe with culture and community. The Mexican National Team property continued its growth beyond the pitch by creating culturally relevant and impactful programming. The key focus areas were music, community programs, and the excitement around the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

  • Anthem composed by Deorro.
  • MexTour Live Dallas presented by Gillette Labs
  • Copa Kin Reading Program
  • Somos Locales Half-Time Shows (ft Marca MP & Gerardo Ortiz)
  • MexTour MixTape
  • MexTour Send-Off (Media Day & Fan Appreciation Day)
  • SeleccionadXs presented by P&G



MNT is the only soccer property in the world with such a massive following outside of its country’s borders. For years, MNT applied the same narrative and communication channels in both Mexico and the United States.

In recent years, changing US demographics and Hispanic consumption patterns called for a change in approach. Segmentation studies, first-party metrics, and MNT ticket sales data reaffirmed the need to establish and implement a distinctively American promotional strategy.

The Somos Locales campaign addresses MNT’s target audience which consists of mainly assimilated, bilingual, bicultural Latinx and Hispanic communities in the US. The campaign is:

  • A way to connect to Mexican culture
  • A way for families to connect with each other
  • A way to connect to the past, celebrate the present, and be optimistic about the future

Above all, Somos Locales is not just a targeted campaign for Mexican-Americans. It is a rallying cry for millions of MNT fans who are both Mexican and American, boldly and confidently removing the hyphen to stake a claim to this unique and powerful identity.

The integrated brand campaign Somos Locales sets the tone and provides a framework with a simple but impactful approach: We are the Home Team.

Strategy & Execution

The campaign strategy is to drive a narrative of cultural pride and connectivity rather than positioning the Mexican National Team matches here in the US, also known as MexTour, as a revenue driver for the team.

This campaign was designed to target the unique US Mexican National Team audience and enables MexTour to authentically connect with the cultural nuances Mexican-Americans experience.

It is a unifying rallying cry to support the Mexican National Team no matter where they play which promotes the brand and drives social engagement, tune-in, and ticket sales.


  • Major League Soccer/Soccer United Marketing
  • Federación Mexicana de Fútbol/Mexican Football Federation
  • Dieste
  • Thirsty Agency
  • Goodform


Gloria Molina
Senior Director, Match Business - Marketing & Paid Media
Major League Soccer/Soccer United Marketing

Kelsey Roa
Manager, Match Business - Marketing
Major League Soccer/Soccer United Marketing

Jon Cairoli
CEO/Creative Director
Thirsty Agency

Carlos Oliva
Creative Director
Thirsty Agency

Peter Karl
Co-Founder & Director

Casey Wertz
Chief Executive Officer
Lore Media

Edward Rodriguez
Edward Rodriguez

Beatriz Ramos
Directora General de Mercadotecnia
Federación Mexicana de Fútbol/ Mexican Football Federation

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