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We are submitting WagerWire for its creative and engaging work that has been done with the Twitter handle @WagerWire. In a short amount of time, WagerWire has created an engaged community of over 23,000 followers made up of bettors and non-bettors alike where fans of all teams and sports can talk and create genuine connections with one another and the brand of WagerWire because watching sports and participating in sports betting is simply more fun when enjoyed with others.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Sports betting and betting in general are stuck in an archaic past. WagerWire’s community built on Twitter is different from anything that has been seen in the industry. Sportsbooks can offer a fantastic product or service, but if there is no community built around utilizing that particular sportsbook, it will fail. We have seen the proof as multiple sportsbooks have shuttered after a few months or year in the business. In today’s social-centric world, WagerWire has placed a top-line priority on community building and it has become the lifeblood of what differentiates WagerWire from its competition.



Sports and sports betting are more enjoyable when others are involved. Two roommates watching a football game together was the catalyst for a group of friends to create WagerWire. Shortly after getting startedWagerWire conducted a survey, with the help of a market research company, of bettors and non-bettors alike to find out where the white space was in the industry and what is keeping people from betting.

The survey revealed that 78% of non-bettors were more likely to bet online if they were educated on how to bet, and 33% of all bettors found their information about bets they would place on social media. Armed with this proof, WagerWire created a space on Twitter where non-bettors could learn about betting, its specific jargon, how to bet and become more comfortable with betting in general, while also helping bettors find the best statistics, insights and analysis for the bets they place. In addition to empowering bettors with knowledge, WagerWire has created a vibrant and engaged social media community of bettors, non-bettors, creators and fans.

Strategy & Execution

According to research on social media usage in the United States, 82% of the population averages 34.8 daily minutes on Twitter. The team at WagerWire knew Twitter would allow for the most community-building and interaction. This platform also gives the modern sports fan an opportunity to become a creator themselves.

Through Twitter, WagerWire tapped into their community for unique insights, viewpoints and content. WagerWire community members can write post game recaps about their favorite teams, pontificate about what their squad will do in free agency or write about the general happenings around their favorite team’s front office through multiple Twitter Spaces per week and constant written commentaries. During community member-driven Twitter Spaces events, community members interview former professional athletes about their playing careers, get insights, stats and data from other community members about their betting picks and interview other notable personalities in the sports industry.


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