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adidas: The Super Bowl Winning Throw

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The 6th Annual Awards

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We took the new adidas brand campaign to Sphere with Patrick Mahomes during the pinnacle of American sports viewership. Using innovative technology and a social-first strategy, we captivated an audience of over 123 million, highlighting adidas' ability to alleviate pressure for athletes in critical moments.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This campaign extends far beyond achieving its objectives; it acts as a powerful catalyst in reshaping the landscape of sports marketing for the next generation, placing an emphasis on play and joy. It will inspire the industry to push the boundaries of sports marketing. Through the strategic utilization of cutting-edge technology, athletes like Patrick Mahomes can focus on what they do best. This work stands as adidas’ most-viewed post ever, underscoring its profound impact on digital engagement.

We employed a forward-thinking approach to athlete representation, using innovative technology in securing the world’s largest media spot. The campaign boldly confronts the negative narrative around sports pressure, resonating deeply with Gen Alpha and Gen Z audiences. By leveraging the Super Bowl stage and imparting the empowering message “YOU GOT THIS”, adidas showcases the profound impact of spreading positivity.



Committed to pushing the boundaries of sports marketing and reshaping the narrative around high-pressure athlete moments, we embraced the challenge of launching a campaign featuring adidas’ star athlete for the Super Bowl, without disrupting his incredible season.

Amidst a sea of mundane campaigns launched on Sphere, our solution was clear: hack the Super Bowl to elevate the experience and leave a lasting impact that reached far beyond football’s biggest stage.


Strategy & Execution

Against the backdrop of the Super Bowl in Vegas, we seized the opportunity to spotlight Patrick Mahomes before the big game, overcoming having limited access to the athlete. With the Chiefs advancing through the playoffs, we applied a focused effort, achieving in just one month what would typically demand six.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, a curated collection of assets, and a trained body double to emulate Mahomes’ actions under his own throwing coach’s guidance, we perfected his every move. This innovative approach allowed us to exert substantial influence quickly, amplified by a social strategy that not only took the internet by storm, but also led Sports Illustrated to declare that Adidas upset Nike in winning the Super Bowl, solidifying our dominance in the week’s headlines.

Our social-first approach transcended the conventional game of catch, immersing Mahomes into a virtual world to engage in a symbolic game with his younger self, on the grand stage of Sphere. Captivating Gen-Alpha and Gen-Z audiences, our campaign reshaped the negative narrative surrounding sports pressure in a completely contradictory environment. By strategically leveraging the Super Bowl stage, we unveiled adidas new campaign message, ”YOU GOT THIS,” set to the iconic Queen and Bowie anthem, ”Under Pressure.”


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VP of Sports & Streaming
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Group Creative Director, Sports
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Director of Production
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Art Director
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Sr. Producer
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Creative Director
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Art Director
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SVP, Brand Experience
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Sr. Project Manager
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Influencer & Brand Partnerships Lead
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Managing Editor North America Newsroom

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Director, Social Strategy, Newsroom

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Director of Brand Communications, Horizontal, Womens, Purpose

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Sr. Brand Communications Manager

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Senior Manager Brand Communications, Horizontal

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NBA / NFL Sports Marketing

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PR Director, US Newsroom

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Director, Brand Media Strategy & Operations

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Executive Producer
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VFX Producer
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Creative Director
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VFX Supervisor
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Head of 2D
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SVP, Consumer Brands
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VP, Consumer Markets
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Account Manager, Sports Communication Specialist
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Hill & Knowlton

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Group Director

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