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The 6th Annual Awards

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The Famous Group launched Vixi Capture with AI Photo Magic technology. Vixi Capture w/Ai Photo Magic allows fans to scan a QR code from their phone, submit a selfie and through the use of artificial intelligence technology have their images transformed into all sorts of fun creations selected and moderated by the producer. The platform then allows an easy path to allow the images to then be shown on the video board at the biggest events in sports and entertainment.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Vixi Capture and AI Photo Magic presents a new and original way to engage with fans at each event. In addition to presenting new technological capabilities to its users, The Famous Group designed the platform with a specific concept in mind: ease of use. The technology easily allows fans and brands the opportunity to scan a QR code and manually input a prompt to get their desired outcome.

The technology does not require extensive amounts of learning time and can be used by fans in the manner of seconds. The platform itself is not designed for one specific team, brand, or organization and can be easily adapted for any event. Vixi Capture uses innovative artificial intelligence to generate answers and images to the specific prompt that is manually inserted by event operators. With infinite options to choose from, event directors and staff can find creative ways to entertain their fans each night.


The Famous Group created its industry renowned Vixi Live platform in 2022 in an effort to allow in-arena fans to engage with the event like never before. Using a QR code fans can immediately be projected onto video boards at venues. It instantly allows fans to react to the game in real-time and creates an authentic two-way communication between the event and the fans. Created and unveiled in 2022, Vixi Live became an established presence at the biggest sports and entertainment events throughout 2023.

This year, the company took things a step further by designing and unveiling its expanded Vixi Suite, which includes Vixi Capture, colloquially called “AI photo magic” by its users and clients. Entertainment events can no longer simply be described as what happens when the event itself is taking place, it refers to the entire experience that the fan goes through the minute they walk into the venue. Vixi Capture was created with the needs of the modern fan being paramount.

Strategy & Execution

The Famous Group first unveiled the technology during a Minnesota Vikings home preseason matchup in late August against the Arizona Cardinals. During the first quarter, fans received instructions on how to use the technology via a call to action from players that was shown on the video board. Within minutes, spectators were in awe as they were shown being turned into claymation-style Vikings players. Vixi Capture’s technology enables teams to turn fan submitted selfies into AI-generated digital illustrations based on specific prompts with specific images being placed on the team’s video board during team events.

Vixi Capture technology is remarkably easy for fans to use. Users simply scan a QR code, upload a selfie onto a web browser and simply wait to see if their photo is selected to the board. Game event operators are able to specify a prompt they wish to use for the event and let the AI technology take over and show the final results. Processing times for operators can take anywhere from a few seconds to a maximum of 15 minutes thus allowing for ample time to display the results during game intermissions.


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Matthew Marcus
EVP, Proprietary Technologies
The Famous Group

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