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Atlanta Falcons & Atlanta United: Enhancing the Mobile Fan Experience

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The 6th Annual Awards

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In their innovative approach to the 2023 seasons, both the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United undertook a groundbreaking initiative by introducing a series of dynamic, data-driven in-app experiences. By incorporating a range of personalized attributes, custom API endpoints, and dynamic auto-refresh features, the teams aimed to redefine the way fans interact with their favorite sports franchises.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

By embracing these cutting-edge technologies, the teams demonstrated a dedication to enhancing the overall fan experience and setting a new standard for in-app interactions within the realm of professional sports.


The Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC data-driven in-app expereinces incorporate a range of personalized attributes, custom API endpoints, and dynamic auto-refresh features, the teams aimed to redefine the way fans interact with their favorite sports franchises. The personalized attributes cater to individual preferences, ensuring a unique and tailored experience for each user, while the custom API endpoints enable seamless integration of real-time data, delivering up-to-the-second updates and insights. This innovative strategy not only reflects the commitment of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United to stay at the forefront of technological advancements but also signifies a broader shift in the landscape of sports app development. The dynamic auto-refresh functionality ensures that users receive timely and relevant information without the need for manual updates, creating a fluid and immersive digital environment for fans.

Strategy & Execution

In planning for the 2023 season, we reimagined how fans engage with the Schedule Release, Draft, Training Camp, Gameday, Pro Bowl, and other primary touchpoints throughout the season. This research laid the foundation for a comprehensive strategy aimed at redefining the user experience. The subsequent steps involved wireframing, prototyping, and development. The Falcons Free Agency app experience acted as a homepage takeover during the free agency signing period. This experience automatically pulled dynamic content from the NFL API based on relative tags and categories. As new players were signed, the execution would also consequently load in these new players as part of a showcase carousel — including their profile photo, position, name, and a call-to-action to review the player's custom profile. The United Matchday experience reigned as the new home for United mobile app users before, during, and after matchday. This experience included realtime APIs that reported match data, such as score, current minute, team stats, and more. Additionally, the execution also included a fully customized dynamic match tracker that reported featured match actions — including penalties, goals, and substitutions. This tracker would constantly update as the game progressed and would also denote haftime and other key moments throughout the game.


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Austin Klubenspies
Director of Digital Platform
AMB Sports & Entertainment

Annie Wang
UI/UX Designer and Developer
AMB Sports & Entertainment

Elisia Landis
Digital Manager
Atlanta Falcons

Kelsey Duncan
Digital Operations Coordinator
Atlanta Falcons

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