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Betr: Save Your Sundays


The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Advertisement: 60 Sec and Under

Save your Sundays with @Betr Picks 🙌 #football #nfl #fantasy #funny

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“Save Your Sundays” is an original piece of content created by Betr to promote the company’s flagship gaming offering, Betr Picks, through a socially led and talent-driven asset that taps into the all-too-relatable feeling of a disappointing NFL Sunday.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Betr business model consists of the company’s sports media arm, Betr Media, and its sports betting and fantasy arm, Betr Gaming working hand-in-hand. The former creates original content the rabid fanbase genuinely cares about, while infusing elements of Betr Gaming offerings, ultimately driving the customer toward the company’s real money products. Through campaigns like “Save Your Sundays,” along with a consistent flow of talent-led original content pushed out on Betr’s organic channels on a daily basis, the company has upended the gaming industry’s strategy toward marketing and promotion and is starting to see a growing amount of copycats in the space.


Betr’s ‘Save Your Sundays’ advertisement aims to encourage viewers to turn their weekend around by playing Betr Gaming’s highly-popular fantasy pick’em experience, Betr Picks. The video ad spot aims to appeal to the everyday sports fan who knows all-too-well the feeling of their favorite football team losing, their NFL bets going up in flames, or their fantasy team falling short, all as the darkness of “Sunday Scaries” comes rolling in. Featuring the internet’s favorite faces of Betr Media, including Jake Paul and Derek Sullivan, the spot bridges emotion and humor to direct viewers to Betr’s fantasy pick’em product offering as a remedy for the highly relatable disappointment of a Sunday wasted.

Strategy & Execution

Betr’s ‘Save Your Sundays’ ad campaign was produced with cinematography reminiscent of a Sara McLachlan ASPCA video, dramatizing the idea of the “Sunday Scaries” that naturally follow the average sports fan’s betting, fandom, and/or fantasy woes during a typical NFL Sunday. Featuring Jake Paul, Derek Sullivan, and the broader Betr Media team, the ad encourages viewers to _save their Sundays_ by turning $1 to $100 by playing Betr Picks.


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Jake Paul

Joey Levy
Founder and CEO

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Head of Media

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Head of Content Development

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Head of Growth

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