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Breece: The Road Back

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1JD Entertainment released Breece: The Road Back in October 2023 chronicling New York Jets Running Back Breece Hall’s road to recovery following a torn ACL suffered seven games into his rookie season. Hall, who was drafted by the Jets in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, was on pace to become the first rookie running back in team history to rush for 1,000 yards. 1JD Entertainment began following Hall’s recovery immediately after the star running back suffered the injury Week Seven in Denver. The series documents every step of his journey back to the field from a torn ACL injury, and features interviews with family members, former coaches, trainers, doctors, and teammates.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Today, the growth of sports fandom starts with creating personalized digital content that engages fans of all ages. Breece: The Road back was created with the modern sports fan in mind, appealing to fandom while sparking motivation and drive. The docuseries pushes the envelope in storytelling, allowing viewers to go beyond the surface of Hall as an athlete and showcase another side of the star athlete battling adversity away from the spotlight. 1JD Entertainment set a new standard for fan engagement by providing access to spaces rarely visible in the industry, and to sharing the vulnerability and humanity behind one of the League’s best young players.


1JD Entertainment captured every key moment in Hall’s recovery, including his return to the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center in New Jersey 91-days post-surgery. The goal in creating Breece: The Road Back was to give fans a behind the scenes peak into Hall’s step-by-step recovery as he worked to be back in time for the team’s season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Throughout the film fans see the moment Breece went down during the game, to his early beginning of football in Wichita, Kansas and making it the NFL. In the early scenes, the docuseries includes interviews with New York Jets Senior Associate of Athletic training Bobby Daplyn and Head Athletic Trainer David Zuffelato to give a more educated insight on the injury he endured. 1JD also traveled to Hall’s alma maters Northwestern High School and Iowa State University to interview with his former Head Coaches Steve Martin and Matt Campbell for fans learn about his drive for football before going pro.

With authentic storytelling viewers also get a grasp of the close relationship Hall has with his mother LaRhonda McDaniel and sister Naria Hall, who has been with him in his journey to being the best back in Jets history.

Strategy & Execution

The strategy in creating the docuseries was to relate Hall’s comeback to fans on a personal level. Over the course of the docuseries, 1JD Entertainment showcases the emotions a player goes through while recovering, from minor victories to walking without crutches, to major victories like returning to practice. Hall’s high school and college coaches, along with his family, friends and teammates, help share his story from a unique perspective, and provide insight into his drive and motivation to return to the field.

The series drives home the passion and pride Hall has for the sport, helping to relate to fans who have persevered through a similar injury or adversity themselves. The documentation of Hall’s recovery process provided fans motivation for their own lives, and garnered excitement around one of the team’s stars.


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