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Duece and Brody are two NYC Bozos with lots to say, minimal expertise and a passionate base of followers.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The undeniable charm of Vergara and the elite improv comedic skills from Brody have only elevated the Broadcast Boys brand to new heights over the years. Their chemistry with one another is so easily seen through their content, you feel like they're your best friends too; so much so that it incentivizes today’s biggest stars to want to be a part of the show. Whether it be Sidney Crosby taking a moment to chop it up with Vergara on the ice before a game, Brody running into Odell Beckham Jr on the golf course for rapid fire questions or even Daniel Ricciardo answering similar questions right before the Miami Grand Prix, the hilarious execution and unique delivery by the Broadcast Boys proves to draw the biggest figures outside of just their TikTok audience. Their excellence and execution have been building ever since they were young friends growing up in New York City to now, where everyone can experience and become a part of their journey with the Broadcast Boys TikTok account.


Nelson Vergara and Lucas Brody have teamed up to create the Broadcast Boys, a couple of NYC Bozos with plenty to say and minimal expertise. In their signature style, the Broadcast Boys lead with the objective to provide hilarious commentary around sports and youth culture in the form of a spoof “sports broadcast duo in the booth” that has become a fan favorite across TikTok and their Gen-Z audience.

Strategy & Execution

The Broadcast Boys have found their footing on TikTok and have built a presence that is notable and recognized across the app. They’ve been able to gather millions of loyal TikTok followers by executing the House of Highlights influence on sports and youth culture. Sharing their comedic commentary in both lanes has only widened their audience reach on the app and has allowed the dynamic duo to curate popular content series that not only attracts young sports fans but also the casual user who is addicted to pop culture.

Popular Broadcast Boys series such as “The Life of ...” and “Where Are They Now” give TikTok users a chance to get a more in-depth outlook and insight on some of the incredible background stories of their favorite athletes and celebrities that they didn’t know about or might have forgotten. Most notably in the “White Board Reality TV Show Sessions” series, Brody and Vergara breakdown the juiciest break ups and make ups that keep us glued to the screen during television's top reality shows. By driving in both lanes of genre on TikTok, the Broadcast Boys have created an account that continues to grow and is leaving an impact on the platform.


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Nelson Vergara
Brand Creator
House of Highlights

Lucas Brody
Brand Creator
House of Highlights

Katie Thorpe
Senior Producer
House of Highlights

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