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Data-Driven Broadcasts
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Genius Sports

The 6th Annual Awards

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Genius Sports powers immersive, data-driven broadcasts on the biggest sports in the world including the NFL and English Premier League. In partnership with Prime Video, the NFL and Premier League Productions, Genius Sports is delivering a new wave of altcasts that provide fans with a highly informative and interactive experiences. 'Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats', 'NFL+' and the 'Premier League Data Zone' are built to engage the next generation of sports fan who want to understand the inner narratives of every game in unprecedented detail.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Genius Sports’ work powering data-driven altcasts is the start of a revolution across the entire sports broadcast sector. For decades, the broadcast model has remained consistent where everyone receives the same product from their television. But in an increasingly personalized entertainment sector, sports broadcasts are moving towards a 1 to 1 model where each viewer will become the director of their experience, customizing everything from the stats they view in the live broadcast to their camera angles, merchandise, betting and fantasy integrations. 'Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats' is breaking new ground in AI-powered broadcasts that immerse fans as if they were on the field of play. For the 2023 NFL season, Genius Sports’ unique augmentation pipeline introduced several cutting-edge new features that not only break the events of a game in unprecedented detail, but also enable them to predict what is about to happen. 'Prime Targets' features a unique machine learning model to highlight which receivers are open for the quarterback to pass to while the ball is still in bis hands. Similarly, 'Defensive Alerts' shows viewers the players that are likely to rush the passer on the upcoming play, before the snap.


Broadcasters are in a difficult position to balance what different generations want from live sports. Whereas older viewers are broadly happy with the status quo, younger fans increasingly expect an experience that is immersive and customized to them. This includes innovations in the camera angles they watch from or integrations of key components such as game stats, fantasy updates and brand sponsorships. In partnership with broadcast and streaming giants including Prime Video, NFL+ and Premier League Productions, Genius Sports is powering a new wave of alternate broadcasts to engage the next generation of sports fans. For 'Prime Vision with Next Gen Stats', 'NFL+' and the 'Premier League Data Zone', the goal was to create a highly informative, data-driven experience that would provide millions of viewers with new insights to break down the live action like never before. According to Deloitte’s 2023 ‘Immersive Sports Fandom’ report, 46% of Gen Z fans expect real-time stats and analysis to be integrated directly into the live viewing experience and Genius Sports’ data-driven broadcasts of the NFL and English Premier League are built to meet this demand.

Strategy & Execution

AI is transforming all aspects of modern sport. By processing billions of data points and automatically synchronizing it with video, AI is revolutionising what is possible with sports broadcasts. Instead of just showing data filled graphics during natural breaks in play, Genius Sports enables its broadcast partners to display rich insights and visualizations in real-time. For the 'Premier League Data Zone', Genius Sports deployed its rich tracking data, captured by computer vision-powered technology installed in every Premier League venue which captures the precise location of every player and the ball 25 frames a second. This data, combined with a unique augmentation pipeline, enabled Premier League Productions to provide real-time, data-driven updates to explain the narrative of the game. This includes a gaming-inspired pitch map that shows everything from player locations to shot speeds, distances travelled and much more. For the NFL, Genius Sports provides customised viewing modes for fans on its streaming subscriptions service 'NFL+'. Using the NFL’s Next Gen Stats feed, Genius Sports provides fans with new data-driven insights such as ball-carrier speed, yards after catch, closing speed and time to throw, all in real-time, alongside player trails and other visualizations that help to create a more interactive experience.


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Alvin Anol
Director, Content
Second Spectrum

Paul Hunt
Sports Business Director
Genius Sports

Mike D'Auria
Chief Commercial Officer
Second Spectrum

Gus Williamson
Director of Programming
Premier League Productions

Jay Marine
Vice President
Prime Video

Mike Hopkins
Senior Vice President
Prime Video

Fred Gaudelli
Executive Producer
Prime Video

Jared Stacy
Director, Global Live Sports Production
Prime Video

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