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Derek from Betr Media


The 6th Annual Awards

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Derek Sullivan (AKA “Derek from Betr Media”) is a character and content series within the Betr Media ecosystem which transcends the traditional offering of mundane sports media content by consistently finding himself at the center of viral moments and alongside the biggest athletes/stories of the day. Since the company’s launch, Derek from Betr Media has either ridden alongside the biggest stories in sports or led them outright, while promoting Betr and its product offerings in the process. This content is delivered in the form of short form social assets, long form premium appearances, and digital live streams.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

“Derek from Betr Media” is proving out the overarching model of Betr’s media approach. Through highly engaging and talent-led content, the company is upending traditional sports media, centering around personalities and unique POVs in its coverage of the hottest stories in sports. The campaign has allowed the company to foster an unprecedented relationship with its fanbase, while organically weaving in product offerings to drive to the real money gaming side of the business.


“Derek from Betr Media” was created to expand the audience size and engagement metrics for Betr Media. Through the evolution of this character, Betr has catapulted toward a top name in the sports media space with millions of fans knowing about and demonstrating loyalty toward the company and Derek specifically. Through his journeys, our fanbase has a front row seat inside the Betr Media ecosystem, where we have fostered unprecedented connections and communities, all the while infusing core product offerings for the business.

Strategy & Execution

Derek appeals to the modern sports fan because he IS the modern sports fan. Leaning heavily on extreme fandom and the ups and downs that come with it, alongside his betting adventures and personal attempts at athletic greatness, Derek from Betr Media is a character / brand that every modern day sports fan can connect with, as he mirrors their exact thoughts, passions, and reactions. Betr is continually shaping the “Derek from Betr Media” journey by LISTENING to audience feedback in real time and shaping the character’s next steps based on those learnings.


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Derek Sullivan

Jake Paul

Joey Levy
Founder and CEO

Mike Denevi
Head of Media

Jake Strasser
Head of Content Development

Michael Rizzo
Head of Social

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