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Duke Women's Basketball Social Graphics Package (2023-24)

Dimes Studio

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Art Direction



We had the pleasure of working with Duke WBB on creating their 2023-24 season graphics package. Our goal was to create something unique and trendsetting - something different that was different in the college athletics space.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

From a fan engagement perspective, the diversity set of graphics and reels keeps the fans engaged with fresh content every game and every week.

From a design perspective, our graphics package will push the sports creative industry to be more innovative and, in our humble opinion, set new trends in the next collegiate school year.


Our overall objective was to create something unique and trend-setting, while integrating Duke-specific details to the 2023-24 Duke Women's Basketball social graphics package. We wanted to create something that would stand out amongst others in the college athletics and professional sports space.

Strategy & Execution

We pulled inspiration from outside the social media sports creative world (UXUI design, typography, fashion, 3D design, editorial design, and music) to create a scroll-stopping look and aesthetic. By leaning on strong typography layouts, UXUI concepts, atmospheric gradients, and being experimental, we created a stunning graphics package. We also built uniform-specific color options that the Duke create staff could swap out each game to match the team’s uniforms for each game to bring more variety and diversity to their social platforms.

Today’s modern sports fan is all about consuming great content and eye-catching visuals. We accomplished both by creating a stunning graphics package that left room for a diverse set of graphics and content throughout the 2023-24 season.


  • Dimes Studio
  • Duke Women's Basketball


Selena Castillo
Director of External Affairs
Duke Women's Basketball

Jesse Wu
Founder & Creative Director
Dimes Studio

Kiaira Cooper
Creative Director
Duke Women's Basketball

Calvin Koo
Creative Content Producer
Duke Women's Basketball

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