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EA SPORTS and OneTeam Partners NIL Opt-In Program for EA SPORTS College Football 25

EA SPORTS, OneTeam Partners, CLC/Learfield

The 6th Annual Awards

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EA Sports and OneTeam Partners have transformed athlete representation in video games by securing the participation of over 11,000 college football players across 134 FBS universities for the upcoming release of EA SPORTS College Football 25 game through an innovative athlete name, image, and likeness (NIL) opt-in program. This collaboration creates the largest single-sport athlete licensing program in the world and guarantees authentic representation of college athletes, enhancing the gaming experience with unmatched realism and immersion.

This initiative, facilitated through CLC’s innovative COMPASS NIL app, allows eligible NCAA Division I FBS athletes to transparently opt in to the opportunity for their names, images, and likenesses to be accurately represented in the game, and be compensated for their participation. This collaboration is reshaping how college football players engage with digital platforms and setting a precedent for similar endeavors in other sports gaming titles and licensed product initiatives.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The EA SPORTS and OneTeam NIL opt-in program represents a significant shift in how athletes are portrayed in video games. By facilitating the seamless participation of over 16,000 athletes across different sports and leveraging cutting-edge technology, OneTeam has laid down a scalable foundation with the potential to revolutionize athlete representation in all sports video games. This approach not only enhances the gaming experience for players but also sets a precedent for future innovations in sports and gaming.

While OneTeam facilitates the participation of these athletes and leverages the COMPASS NIL app, it is EA SPORTS that will integrate them into the EA SPORTS College Football 25 game. The successful engagement of such a large number of athletes, alongside the unprecedented anticipation for its summer release, signifies a transformative moment in the industry, prompting further exploration of the cultural and commercial implications of including real-life college athletes in digital gaming.


This initiative strives to integrate college athletes into EA SPORTS College Football 25, a video game making its return after a decade, ensuring athletes directly benefit from the use of their name, image, and likeness. A collaboration between OneTeam Partners, EA SPORTS, and leading licensing agency CLC, it utilizes CLC’s COMPASS NIL platform for a transparent athlete opt-in process. This approach creates the largest single-sport athlete licensing agreement ever, setting a new benchmark for athlete involvement in sports gaming. OneTeam’s work to secure agreements with a broad spectrum of players from various college football programs ensures wide-ranging and inclusive representation.

The EA SPORTS College Football 25 partnership underscores OneTeam’s longtime dedication to the commercial interests of thousands of athletes across sports, including college and pro players. The goal leading up was to involve and compensate as many college football players as possible across all positions, from the starting lineup to the bench players and walk-ons.

Strategy & Execution

With modern sports fans craving authentic and immersive experiences, the opt-in program for EA SPORTS College Football 25 was designed to meet these expectations. EA SPORTS and OneTeam a leveraged CLC’s COMPASS NIL app to facilitate the inclusion of over 11,000 college athletes, to date, ensuring a game that mirrors the real-world diversity and dynamics of college football. This initiative not only amplifies the game’s realism but also strengthens fans’ emotional and cultural connections to college sports. The transparent opt-in process and direct compensation for athletes reflect a forward-thinking approach, catering to the demand for opportunity and authenticity in the evolving world of college athletics. Scheduled for release in Summer 2024, this game represents a substantial leap in sports gaming, where the seamless, approved integration of real college athletes enhances engagement and sets a new standard for the industry.


  • OneTeam Partners
  • CLC/Learfield


  • 11K+ eligible college football players across 134 FBS universities


Aaron Solender
Director, College Strategy & Operations
OneTeam Partners

Sami Robbins
College NIL Coordinator
OneTeam Partners

Sean Sansiveri
OneTeam Partners

Frank Arthofer
OneTeam Partners

Devin Radford
SVP Games & Interactive
OneTeam Partners

Shelbi Hendricks
SVP, Strategy, Growth & Operations
OneTeam Partners

Michael Distaso
Director, Digital Games Partnerships
OneTeam Partners

Maria D'Amico
Manager, Business Operations
OneTeam Partners

Sean O'Brien
Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at EA SPORTS
EA Sports

Josh Gregory
Sr. Manager - Business Development, EA Sports
EA Sports

Mischa Smolkin
Senior Manager, Talent Strategy & Partnerships
EA Sports

Laura Hoag
Sr Brand Manager
EA Sports

Will Alexander II
Senior Manager, EA SPORTS Communications
EA Sports

Cory Moss
President, Brand Management & Marketing

Wesley Richard
SVP, Innovations & Operations

Dave Kirkpatrick
SVP, Brand Development

Sterling Hawkins
SVP & General Counsel

Tammy Purves
VP, Communications

Makayla Burtz
Director of Operations

Anand Gohil
Manager, Client Success

Andrea Geiger
Client Success Representative

Chloe Anderson
Client Success Representative

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