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Frankie Luvu Logo Design

Team IFA

The 6th Annual Awards

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As a way to further cement Frankie's wholistiv brand, our team went to work on crafting a distinguished, mulitpuporse logo for him and the story that follows him.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

In a period marked by the Panthers’ underwhelming performance, it was crucial for us at IFA to foster a deep connection between Frankie and the fan base which transcends stats and final scores. Frankie’s personality and engagement with his fans helped them more readily embrace both the team’s triumphs and challenges, supporting him on and off the field, including his charitable efforts. We aimed to redefine athlete branding, ensuring Frankie’s identity remains vibrant throughout his career and beyond retirement, irrespective of on-field outcomes.

We believe that IFA has established a new standard for design for athletes—it’s not just about marks and colors. It becomes about creating a persona around an athlete and humanzing them by way of design. Any agency can create a logo and design, but it takes a coordinated effort between creatives, clients services and the athlete to bring the design to life in the real world and connect it to fans in a meaningful way.


It all started with a text from a client and a napkin sketch. When Carolina Panthers linebacker Frankie Luvu approached IFA with an interest in crafting a branding and logo package, we embraced the opportunity. With a passion for hosting football camps and a deep commitment to community support, Frankie sought a logo and design system that could amplify his endeavors in various ways. Our objective was clear: to develop a logo that resonated personally with Frankie while possessing the versatility and flexibility to work across merchandise, social media platforms and video content.

Through extensive collaboration and exploration, we delved into the essence of Frankie’s persona, extracting elements that reflected his character, values, and aspirations. The resulting logo encapsulates not only his identity but also his journey, serving as a symbol of inspiration and empowerment within his family, community and fans.

IFA’s comprehensive design system extends beyond the logo and encompasses a cohesive visual language that represents Frankie’s ethos and resonates with his audience on multiple levels. From color palettes to pattern options, every aspect was meticulously thought of to reflect Frankie’s personality.

Strategy & Execution

Athlete’s personal branding has always had a notable presence in sports. But for Frankie, we didn’t want to simply create a one-size-fits-all logo for him. Our Creative Director and Designer wanted something that was as equally dynamic as he is as a person both on and off the field. Starting with Frankie’s heritage, our designer spent a considerable amount of time researching the American Samoan islands from landscapes to traditions and popular polynesian symbols in an effort to pay homage to his home. Additionally, she paid close attention to and drew inspiration from his performance on the field including his demeanor, celebrations and more.

In order to stand out to fans of the Panthers and Frankie Luvu, the design needed to be modern, fresh and something that fans could wear no matter what team or franchise he plays for in the future. After presenting the concept to Frankie, he was all-in and wanted to move quickly on printing shirts to try out. We began by creating apparel that Frankie could wear in his own day-to-date activities to and from the stadium and around home. Social commentary picked up, and people took notice of his logo and merchandise.


  • Team IFA


Mikayla Jones
Lead Graphic Designer
Team IFA

Kevin Hughes
EVP - Brand Strategy & Creative
Team IFA

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