G2 Esports x Ralph Lauren | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

G2 Esports x Ralph Lauren: A Limited Capsule Collection

G2 Esports, Ralph Lauren

The 6th Annual Awards

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G2 Esports joined forces with Ralph Lauren with the vision of creating a first-of-its-kind esports apparel capsule collection - combining the legacy and continued success of the global esports giant with the luxury of the iconic apparel brand Ralph Lauren.

How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The collection represents the intersection of fashion, gaming and lifestyle, and challenges the status quo of esports fashion—making something that fans feel proud to wear both inside and outside the esports arena. Fans and players alike should not have to compromise on apparel that looks and feels great while also representing part of their culture.

This collection stands out far and beyond anything G2 has ever done, and showcases a major commitment and trust from Ralph Lauren as the first esports apparel luxury capsule collection. It reinforces G2’s position as trailblazers in the esports industry, constantly pushing boundaries and bridging the gap between esports and lifestyle.

The success of the campaign highlights the need to shake up the perception of esports fashion, showcasing the possibilities of a truly collaborative campaign. Reaching new audiences outside of just esports, it’s created a benchmark for future brand partnerships and demonstrates the appetite of the highly engaged millennial and GenZ esports audience.



Esports apparel has a problem, whether it’s bad fits or bad designs, it’s always the same range of bland sportswear products—and gamers get a bad rep for being unstylish.

G2 Esports set out on a mission to disrupt the perception of esports fashion by creating something that’s never been done before. Teaming up with Ralph Lauren, they designed a luxury esports apparel collection that was practical and stylish, for professional players to wear on stage, as well as fans watching at home.

The joint partnership objective was to create authentic brand visibility for Ralph Lauren in the hard-to-enter esports space, in addition to reinforcing the profile of G2 Esports as a premium esports brand. By collaborating with G2, one of the biggest organizations with the most engaged fanbase, the goal was to position Ralph Lauren as an authentic, but aspirational part of the esports ecosystem.

Strategy & Execution

To create a collection that players and fans would love, we had to play in their comfort zone. The goal was to create a luxury collection combining comfort and style for every-day use with high quality fabrics and elegant silhouettes. We knew if our designs were too high-fashion, or difficult to wear, it wouldn’t be as widely accepted and G2 Esports players would refuse to wear the collection if it would impact performance.

We took staples of any esports kit, and reimagined them as luxury items. Baggy jogging pants became a sleek tracksuit with matching jacket, scruffy hoodies became tailored and sleek cut with embroidery. We took items players and fans wear every day and made them special, something they’re proud to wear, while still maintaining comfort.

Another important factor is inclusivity. While esports is predominantly male, G2 has the largest number of women’s teams than any other organization. We wanted to create something that would look sleek and stylish on men and women, without compromise, so the collection is entirely unisex. The range of items and colors allow players and fans to mix and match to express their own unique style, while still being part of the same collection.


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Sabrina Ratih
Chief Operating Officer
G2 Esports

Thuy Ha
Head of Content
G2 Esports

Sasha Alexandrov
Head of Media
G2 Esports

James Herring
Partnership & Development Manager
G2 Esports

Stéphanie Weber
Head of Content & Entertainment EMEA LATAM
Ralph Lauren

Canelle Marti
Content Production & Entertainment Associate EMEA LATAM
Ralph Lauren

Pauline Azoulay
SVP - Global Head of Media, Digital Content and WEB3
Ralph Lauren

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