Gil’s Arena presented by Underdog Content Network | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

Gil’s Arena presented by Underdog Content Network


The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Use of Live Video


As Gilbert Arenas has moved into post-NBA life, he has discovered a true passion for creating content, especially where he can share his unfiltered, and at times polarizing, opinions about trending topics of the NBA and breaking down the action in the league to bring fans closer to the game he loves. As part of his “second act,” the 3-time NBA All-Star partnered with Underdog Sports to create _Gil’s Arena_ on the Underdog Content Network. The show, which has gained national attention since it was first announced last February, is already boasting an average of 20K live concurrent viewers on YouTube each day and 40M+ YouTube views per month. _Gil’s Arena_ (published through the Underdog Content Network YouTube) is live every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 11:30aPT/2:30pET.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

With a dedicated live viewership of roughly 16,000 concurrent viewers, _Gil’s Arena_ has an extremely active YouTube chat commenting live throughout the show. Producers carefully curate questions and comments from that chat to foster engagement, facilitate heated debate and challenge the cast’s viewpoints. The show’s _MostlyFans_ segment wraps up the show each day and features both write-in and video questions posed to the cast in real time. Gilbert Arenas, Josiah Johnson, the _Gil’s Arena_ cast and the Underdog Content Network team work hard to tailor the show’s content to the wants and needs of the audience to continue to engage NBA fans globally. Additionally, the show has attracted high profile NBA-related guests including Steph Curry, Rich Paul, Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Zion Williamson, fellow Underdog Content Network talent Rasheed Wallace, and many more!


Underdog Network, which is a brand under the Underdog Sports umbrella, provides free, in-depth sports content to fans around the world. As a way to broaden the content arm of Underdog Sports, the Underdog Network established a partnership with 3-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas to create _Gil’s Arena_. When Underdog started its content arm, the brand wanted talent dedicated to creating and evolving some of the best sports content in the industry. Gilbert is willing to speak his mind, tap into his vast network of basketball experts and explore new frontiers of content and innovation in an exciting space which made him incredibly popular. Gilbert and Underdog are both known as disruptors in their respective industries, and now they have been able to work together on Underdog Content Network to disrupt sports content as we know it. _Gil’s Arena_ was created out of a desire to have authentic, unfiltered conversations about the NBA. Gilbert Arenas brings together a cast of accomplished players, both past and present, to discuss the realities of being a player in a dynamic landscape and league that combines both sport and culture in a fascinating way.

Strategy & Execution

The Underdog brand is working to create the “new media” or the athlete’s platform – a medium where professional athletes (active and retired) can give their sports commentary, analysis and unfiltered stories directly to their fans. The main goal of _Gil’s Arena_ is for Gilbert and his fellow cast members’ to provide expertise and insights for fans through the mind of a former player. The _Gil’s Arena_ talent, through the Underdog Content Network – Gilbert Arenas, Josiah Johnson, Brandon Jennings, Sheryl Swoopes, Rashad McCants, Lexie Brown and Kenyon Martin, Sr. – share their inside knowledge of the game, breakdown hot topics and breaking news surrounding the NBA, and are provided a platform to tell their own stories based on experience in the league and/or being around the league. All Underdog shows are exclusively published through the Underdog Content Network YouTube as a way for fans to easily access the Underdog shows, with _Gil’s Arena_ specifically being live every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30am PT/ 2:30pm ET. This streaming method is inclusive of all so that fans around the globe can tune in and get “inside Gil’s Arena.”


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Gilbert Arenas
Gil's Arena Host
Underdog, No Chill Productions

Josiah Johnson
Gil's Arena Co-Host, Executive Producer

Steve Martinez
Executive Producer

Liz Marro

Tim Livingston
Vice President of Content

Nick Rudman
Vice President of Brand

Spencer Fleming

Katie Maraghy
Director of Content Operations

Brandon Jennings
Gil's Arena Cast Member

Rashad McCants
Gil's Arena Cast Member

Kenyon Martin, Sr.
Gil's Arena Cast Member

Lexie Brown
Gil's Arena Cast Member

Sheryl Swoopes
Gil's Arena Cast Member

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