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House of Highlights YouTube Channel

House of Highlights

The 6th Annual Awards

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This submission is for your consideration to select the House of Highlights (HoH) as the finalist in the social media category for YouTube Presence at the Hashtag Sports Awards. With over 12 million subcribers currently on the platform, HoH has proven its dominance and impact on the platform and continues to invovate and move the brand forward on YouTube.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Moving the sports media industry forward is what House of Highlights continues to achieve on YouTube ever since the channel was formed in 2018. The excellence in engagement can be seen from earning over 6.9 billion views throughout the year in 2023. With mulitple billion views on one channel, it’s no surprise House of Highlights earned more views per upload on the platform. Although these are lofty benchmarks that other brands work years to accomplish, House of Highlights has proven that it has the presence on YouTube to go out and elevate these achievements to new heights moving forward.


On a daily basis, House of Highlights’ YouTube presence seeks to accomplish the vision of delivering fans first-in-class sports coverage in a quick, digestible and convenient format. With the relationship that parent company Warner Brothers Discovery has with the NBA, the House of Highlights YouTube channel has quickly become the one-stop shop to catch up on all the action that you might have missed on the court. The HoH YouTube programming team has allowed the brand to quickly churn out full highlights and player recaps after the game ends so fans don’t miss out on any of the action. HoH delivers the content that its YouTube audience is accustomed to while also adapting to the new formats and content offerings that its target market craves by utilizing both YouTube’s short-form and long-form video sharing formats. Doing so has allowed HoH to share engaging user-generated content that reflects the three brand identity pillars of being celebratory, relatable and inclusive for Gen-Z viewers.

Strategy & Execution

With these goals and objectives as a North Star, the House of Highlights programming team delivers content that establishes its YouTube presence for current consumer behavoir excellently with YouTube Shorts. By investing in YouTube Shorts, House of Highlights is able to give its audience the best of both worlds with viral youth culture videos in short video format alongside traditional NBA highlights and recaps fans are acustomed to seeing. On another note, HoH’s strategy is also heavily rooted in analytics intented to inform the team of what type of content resonates in various ways, ranging from (but not limited to) video duration, highlighted sport/theme, view duration, and audience demographics. This fine-tuned attention to detail keeps the YouTube channel ahead of the curve and ready to overcome any obstacles the brand may face. Challenges or obstacles for publishing brands like HoH require nimble adapting and anticipation to the ever changing YouTube algorithm and figuring out how to deliver content that resonates. Despite this, HoH’s presence on YouTube proves how committed the brand is to its growth with an impressive 12M subscriber body by remaining true to the brand's voice and core values that speaks to the next generation of sport fans.


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House of Highlights Sales Programmer
House of Highlights

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