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IndyClassic College Basketball Fan Activations


The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Use of Gamification


Indiana Sports Corp used our quiz software to engage fans at the IndyClassic Basketball event, in-arena at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse, and to a wider audience on social media and on live streaming on NBC Peacock, who ran a 30 second featurette in studio before the game.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

Trivia is more popular than ever right now, appeals to the competitive nature of sports fans, but it is often activated in a clumsy, uninspiring fashion.

With our white label, customizable, highly stylized quiz software, the fan feels they are competing in a quality, branded activation. The gamification elements increase the level of fun and excitement. The chance to win a prize and have your name or image appear on the ain-arena jumbotron; those few seconds of fame is what every sports fan wants to see when they enter the arena. QuizWizards acheives this, whilst also being able to engage a wider audience through deployment of our games on social media, live streaming of the game, programmatically, or even on a simple A frame outside the arena.

Basically anywhere there is a touch point with their fan, QuizWizards can entertain them. The games are designed to seamlessly integrate a partner / sponsor, which means the team / brand is not only engaging their fans, but also driving sponsor revenue, capturing that invaluable first party data, and building in call to actions, mini-surveys etc, all within a fast paced, fun, fan activation.


Indiana Sports Corp / SportsTechHQ wanted to engage the fans attending the IndyClassic event, not just in-arena, but on social and on the live stream of the event. In addition to engaging the fans attending the games, they also wanted to promote Indianapolis as a sporting destination to a wider audience, in a fun, gamified way, and to promote the event itself to a wider audience. This was acheived through the NBC Peacock feature.

Strategy & Execution

Indiana Sports Corp designed a series of quizzes around the two IndyClassic College Basketball games involving Purdue, Arizona State, Indiana State and Ball State Universities, on the 16th December 2023. With our completely customisable, white label quiz solutions, the team were able to create fully branded, multimedia based quizzes, with questions about the teams, the venue and the location.

As our games are timed, fast-paced, include social media sharing and leaderboards, it was a great way for fans to have bragging rights over their friends and family, as to who had the most knowledge of their favorite college basketball team. The multimedia (image and video) aspects of our games, and the highly styled design make them ideal for the modern sports fan.

The ease of access, through simple QR codes or via a link on social media, made them easily accessible to all fans.


  • QuizWizards
  • Indiana Sports Corp
  • SportsTech HQ
  • Gainbridge Fieldhouse Arena
  • NBC Peacock


Jordan Fetters
Manager, Events
Indiana Sports Corp

Craig Lippincott
Vice President - Business Development
Indiana Sports Corp

Rory McEvoy
QuizWizards Ltd

Jeff Hintz
Executive Director
Sports Tech HQ

Brian Rogat
Assoc Dir In-Arena Production
Indiana Pacers

Madison Smeathers
Manager, Business Development
Indiana Sports Corp

Connor O'Malia
Art Director
Indiana Sports Corp

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