Inspiring TCS Employees Through Running | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

Inspiring TCS Employees Through Running

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

The 6th Annual Awards

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TCS is all about people and protecting their associates’ interests, which has been an important part of the company’s growth story over the past 50 years. Well-being at TCS focuses not only on employees being productive within the organization, but also on their contribution to communities and society at large partly through TCS’s sponsorship of more than 13 marathons around the globe.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

TCS’s commitment to employee health and wellness is spreading. TCS is attracting and retaining high-quality talent through sports. Rather than having TCS associates work on sponsorship projects behind the scenes, TCS encourages employees to experience and participate in these events.

This perspective places our associates’ needs, choices, and well-being at par with that of the organization. TCS is setting the bar when it comes to meaningful, engaging associate support through pillar programs like Fit4Life and associate inclusion with global TCS-sponsored races.

In a recent internal survey, 93% of associates confirmed that TCS Fit4Life has helped bring a positive change to their life. TCS Fit4Life is a culture within the organization and one of the largest wellness initiatives in the corporate world.

According to a 2021 Wellness in 2023 report by McKinsey & Company, considering the whole person is going to be a point of differentiation for associates. TCS is a pioneer of caring for the whole person through the creation of key programs like Fit4Life and the way TCS leverages their sponsorships to engage associates in the market. If self-care and digital health are the future, TCS has been supporting their 600,000+ associates around the globe for the past decade.



People want to be part of a company that goes beyond conventional business practices and actively supports employee wellness. TCS has a global emphasis on fitness to combat the health problems that arise from a sedentary lifestyle and stress. With over 600,000 employees who spend their days largely in front of computers, TCS wanted to inspire their employees to move.

TCS believes that sports unite people and contribute to greater futures for everyone. Through TCS’s robust portfolio of marathons in global markets, TCS employees come together to achieve big goals and make a difference.

TCS believes running and walking—all types of movement—are powerful ingredients for helping people live happy and healthy lives, so they strive to inspire employees to get active. This belief has powered the creation of ONETCS: Employee Engagement Beyond Boundaries and the Fit4Life associate initiative.


Strategy & Execution

The IT industry is criticized for the sedentary nature of its work. So, over a decade ago, long before this could become a problem affecting their associates, TCS decided to do something about it. TCS created Fit4Life, an internal platform that gamifies movement and engages over 200,000 employees every year.

Fit4Life aims to lead TCS employees to better health using the pursuit of fitness as a common goal. The platform includes 30+ coaches, training videos, social platforms, campaigns, challenges, and more. Our sports sponsorships provide unique professional opportunities for employees to work on projects at the intersection of sports, technology, and purpose.

Through our 13 global mass participation partnerships, we provide opportunities for employees to run/walk, donate, and/or volunteer. TCS volunteer opportunities include handing out water and snacks at race aid stations, distributing medals at the finish line, and cheering on runners at TCS Cheer Zones. TCS employee volunteers experience the excitement of the event while enhancing the experience for all participants.

TCS also supports their employees from start to finish through race entries to major global marathons around the world including the TCS London Marathon, TCS New York City Marathon, Tata Mumbai Marathon and the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon.


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Michelle Taylor
Head Global Sponsorships

Haley Price
Head North America Sports Sponsorships

Jacki Siskind
Content Lead Sports Sponsorships

Megan Wright
Manager Sports Sponsorships

Delaney Golden
Coordinator Sports Sponsorships

Mark Bogaerts
Head of Sponsorships, Europe

George Hutchins
Senior Sponsorship Manager, UK & Europe

Amy Horsey
Junior Sponsorship Manager, UK & Europe

Burzin Meta
Corporate Marketing- Events & Sports Sponsorship (Activation)

Aditi Sharma
Corporate Marketing Manager

Jinesh Gala
Corporate Marketing Sponsorship

Nate Bult
Public Relations Manager

Ved Kumar
Mixed Media Content Developer

Emily Lewis
Global Communications

Abigail Santner
Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement Manager

Lyndsay Lawler
Corporate Social Responsibility Lead

Stefanie McCall
Corporate Social Responsibility Lead

Nicole Jacobs
Social Impact, Strategic Partnerships

Nilesh Gandhi
Head TCS Fit4Life

Lakshmi Mohan
Manager Fit4Life

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