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Jets X Bears UK Girls Flag Football League

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The 6th Annual Awards

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In 2023, in partnership with the Chicago Bears and the NFL, the New York Jets helped launched the first ever girls flag football league in the United Kingdom.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The New York Jets recognized a lack of opportunity for young women’s participation in sports with a concentration in football. The Jets worked to close this gender engagement gap by creating more opportunities for young women through flag football. The campaign not only served to spread awareness of the league itself, but to demonstrate why young women should have equal access to opportunities to play football. Through these efforts, the Jets have set a new benchmark in fan engagement by creating more inclusive engagement opportunities that has expanded to team collaborations with Chicago Bears and the United Kingdom. As the first ever girls’ flag football league in the UK, the Jets and Bears NFL Girls Flag league provides pathways for young women all across the country to have an equitable opportunity to play football.


A Sport England survey of 4,000 children between 11-18 years old, found 76% of girls want to be more active, 64% of girls enjoy competitive sport and 66% of girls believe they are good at team sports. NFL Flag is a viable option to combat this as 47% of uninspired girls reported that they would be more inclined to be active if there was something more fun and adventurous to participate in. The Jets believe girls should have an equitable opportunity to play what we consider to be the greatest game in the world. To do this, the Jets created, in conjunction with the Chicago Bears, the Jets and Bears NFL Girls Flag league.

Strategy & Execution

The Jets began supporting girls’ flag football domestically in 2011 with the New York City Public Schools Athletic League, and continued support in 2021 with the creation of the first high school girls flag league in New Jersey with eight teams. By 2023, the league grew to over 100 high schools throughout New York, New Jersey and Long Island.

On International Women’s Day in 2023, the Jets and the Chicago Bears, launched a grassroots league in Ealing, the first NFL girls flag football league in the United Kingdom. After five weeks of game play, playoffs were held in May and the Ealing Fields Jets were crowned champions. During the 2023 NFL London Games kickoff weekend, the championship team was honored at Tottenham Stadium, and played an exhibition game, defeating a German championship team.

To launch the league, the Jets ran a targeted media campaign utilizing Jets and Bears players and alumni, and UK media and sport personalities, including:

  • Phoebe Schecter, former Buffalo Bills coach & NFL analyst for Sky Sports
  • Celia Quansah, English rugby player & Olympian
  • Hannah Wilkes, Sky Sports presenter
  • Afia Law, NFL International Flag Football Development & Youth Marketing Manager
  • Ugo Monye, TV and Radio Broadcaster & former professional rugby player


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  • Phoebe Schecter
  • Celia Quansah
  • Hannah Wilkes
  • Afia Law
  • Ugo Monye


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Senior Vice President, Communications & Content
New York Jets

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Vice President, Content Strategy and Marketing
New York Jets

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Vice President, Community Relations
New York Jets

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Vice President, Finance and Analytics
New York Jets

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Vice President, Communications
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Senior Director, Communications
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Director, Production Operations
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Manager, Communications
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Production Assistant
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Assistant, Community Relations
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Assistant, Communications
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