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Join Us In The Wall

LA Clippers

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Advertisement: 61 Sec and Over


The LA Clippers' launched the sales campaign for the new fan section at Intuit Dome, The Wall, with a video introducing fans to the energy and rules necessary to creat true home court advantage at their new home. Clippers guard Terance Mann and PA Announcer Eric Smith narrate this hype video.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Wall is an important stake in the ground for the Clippers as they move into Intuit Dome next season. With the start of The Wall campaign and unveiling of the Join Us In The Wall video, fans can start officially becoming a part of what will be the heart of the Clippers’ new arena.

This video featuring a key Clippers player plus a recognizable in-arena voice marks the start of the exciting journey fans will take to build The Wall at Intuit Dome.


The objective was to create awareness for our new exclusive fan section and drive revenue for the on sale. We leaned into the heart and passion of fandom to create an ad that made The Wall an experience fans wouldn't want to miss out on, even though it doesn't even exist yet.

Strategy & Execution

”The Wall” is the beating heart of Intuit Dome. It’s fandom personified and a reflection of the ultimate Clippers fanatic—chairman Steve Ballmer himself. Simply telling Clipper fans that The Wall will be a fan experience like none other may not be enough to encourage them to sign up. We had to show them what The Wall is and help them feel the energy so they are inspired take action.

One problem—The Wall doesnt exist yet. How do we show a product that doesnt even have a prototype? Renderings can’t capture the emotion of the fan section.

So we built a an architecturally-acurrate portion of The Wall on a soundstage where 50 fans embodied The Wall’s essence as a backdrop for the Talent.

The visual effects were built off 3D metadata from Intuit Dome so that every image in the video is an accurate representation of The Wall.

The script was delivered to camera by Terance Mann and Eric Smith, and visuals bring the energy of The Wall to life. Add in masterful editing and fans can feel the energy of something they won’t want to miss out on that doesn’t even exist yet.


  • LA Clippers


  • Terance Mann
  • Eric Smith


Tommy Zweibel
Head of Content
LA Clippers

Payden Adams
Executive Producer / Showrunner
LA Clippers

Claudia Calderon
LA Clippers

Louanne Wallace
VP, Marketing
LA Clippers

Joseph Mischo
Lead Video Editor
LA Clippers

Brian Bates
Marketing Director
LA Clippers

Danny Pollack

Sherif Higazy
VFX Artist

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