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LA Clippers 2023-24 Season Open Video

LA Clippers

The 6th Annual Awards

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The LA Clippers’ 2023-24 Season Open Video is a :90 hype video shown in-arena at the start of every Clippers home game. The video incorporates the full team roster, highlighting the Clippers’ four SoCal native stars, and is led by a custom music mix featuring quintessential California hip hop and current songs Angelenos love. The video’s energy, visuals, and beat focus the fans in the arena on the beginning of each game, and also the players on the court.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The LA Clippers’ 2023-24 Season Open Video’s engagement excellence is seen best on the faces of fans who watch it live, and who experience its emotional effects alongside 20,000 other members of Clipper Nation each game. The video serves as a marquee moment and gathering point for fans, helping them come together both in the actual moment, and as a whole community that’s emotionally connected and behind the same team, united in past, present, and future.


Because the LA Clippers’ 2023-24 Season Open Video is shown at the start of every single home game, it’s a focal point for both the organization and its fans. It energizes a packed arena 41+ times a season, drawing “ooh”s and “ahh”s from fans, and getting players hyped up enough to run through a wall for their fans and their teammates. This season’s video was created to combine the team’s past, present, and future, which can be heard through the blended classic and current soundtrack, and seen through visuals that incorporate both the current roster and team’s future home, Intuit Dome. The classic L.A. landmarks seen in the video are presented in a fresh, current way. The video also strategically incorporates the season’s “Give No Quarter” tagline and its focus on heart, energy, and drive, while subtly teasing and foreshadowing the team’s now-launched new brand identity through a subtle use of nautical imagery, including waves and compasses.

Strategy & Execution

Planning and brainstorming for the season open video starts months before the start of the NBA season, and the majority of the player-driven content is shot at the team’s annual pre-season Media Day. This year’s video strategy was driven by the Clippers’ content team, with partnership and collaboration from across the organization. On Media Day, a team of people wrangled specialized vendors to capture the unique hero player imagery shown throughout the video. Additional L.A. landmark footage is combined with game highlight footage and unique graphics throughout the video. After-effects build and show Intuit Dome, the blood in Kawhi Leonard’s veins that turn into roots growing towards the future, and more. The soundtrack for the video was intentionally curated to combine create intense emotion, showcase the team’s personality, and motivate both players and fans. The music is mixed with hyperbolic play-by-play and custom crowd chants to emphasize the emotional moments. The video crescendos and then culminates with Kendrick Lamar’s “I got loyalty!” lyric.


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Tommy Zweibel
Head of Content
LA Clippers

Gillian Zucker
President, Business Operations
LA Clippers and Intuit Dome

Claudia Calderon
LA Clippers

Payden Adams
Executive Producer and Showrunner
LA Clippers

Louanne Wallace
VP, Marketing
LA Clippers

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