Milwaukee Bucks & Rover - Personalized Season Review Experience

Milwaukee Bucks & Rover - Personalized Season Review Experience

Milwaukee Bucks, Rover

The 6th Annual Awards

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The entry submitted showcases the Milwaukee Bucks’ innovative use of the Rover Fan Engagement Platform to create a personalized ’Season Review’ experience for their fans. Inspired by Spotify’s ’Wrapped’ campaign, the Bucks aimed to deepen the connection with their fans and enhance brand loyalty by delivering individualized recaps of game stats and memorable moments. Leveraging data from Ticketmaster scans, the Bucks curated unique summaries for each fan, setting a new benchmark in fan engagement.

This initiative was immensely successful, delivering over 3,000 personalized experiences and driving increased attendance at games. By prioritizing fan-centric strategies and leveraging advanced technology, the Bucks inspire the sports industry to embrace digital transformation and adopt personalized content delivery to enhance the overall fan experience.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The Bucks’ Season Wrapped campaign sets a new benchmark in fan engagement by showcasing the power of true one-to-one personalized content. This campaign demonstrates the capability of leveraging advanced technology, such as the Rover Platform, to automate processes and deliver tailored content. By providing fans with personalized experiences based on their individual interactions and preferences, the Bucks have raised the bar for fan engagement in the sports industry.

This campaign inspires the industry to prioritize fan-centric strategies and invest in technologies that enable true personalization at scale. Moving forward, teams are encouraged to emulate the Bucks’ approach, leveraging data-driven insights to deepen connections with fans, drive revenue, and enhance the overall fan experience. The success of the Bucks’ campaign underscores the importance of executing sophisticated personalization strategies and highlights the potential for technology to transform the way sports organizations engage with their audience.

Ultimately, this campaign serves as a catalyst for innovation in fan engagement, motivating teams across the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS to adopt similar initiatives. By setting a new standard for personalized content delivery, the Bucks inspire the industry to embrace digital transformation and harness the power of data to create impactful experiences for fans.


The Milwaukee Bucks capped off the 2023-2024 NBA season leveraging the Rover Fan Engagement Platform to launch a personalized ’Season Review’ experience. Inspired by Spotify’s ’Wrapped’ campaign, this endeavor aimed to personalize each fan’s journey with the Bucks throughout the season by providing curated recaps of game stats and memorable moments.

The unique objective behind this campaign was to foster deeper connections with fans and enhance brand loyalty. By leveraging fan data and integrating Ticketmaster scans, the Bucks created a true one-to-one experience for each fan, tailoring individualized summaries based on their attendance and game stats. The goal was to make every fan feel appreciated, valued, and celebrated, ultimately strengthening their bond with the team and encouraging continued support in the future.

This initiative reflects the Bucks’ commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional fan experiences. The level of personalization sets a new standard for fan engagement in sports marketing, showcasing the transformative power of technology in enhancing the fan experience. Their Season Review campaign exemplifies the team’s dedication to creating meaningful connections with fans and demonstrates the potential of personalized content to drive long-term engagement and support business objectives.

Strategy & Execution

Leveraging Rover’s integrations and automations, the Bucks delivered tailored content at scale, fostering deeper connections with their fans and brand loyalty. The Bucks’ launched this experience with the modern sports fan in mind as they focused on curating individualized experiences. This enabled them to strengthen their bond with fans and create memories that resonate and encourage continued support. This approach represents a paradigm shift in fan engagement, offering a one-to-one experience that celebrates each fan’s unique connection to the team.

Furthermore, this experience was meticulously crafted with the contemporary sports fan at the forefront as it centered around the core principles of personalization and relevance. Through this innovative approach, the Milwaukee Bucks endeavored to tailor content to the specific preferences and interactions of each individual fan. In a landscape where modern fans crave authentic connections with their beloved teams, this initiative aimed to deliver a truly personalized experience that resonated deeply with their sense of loyalty and support. By acknowledging the unique contributions and experiences of fans throughout the season, the Bucks’ campaign not only elevated the overall fan journey but also fostered a stronger and more meaningful relationship between the team and its audience.


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John Coombs

April Whitzman
Sr. Manager, Customer Marketing

Matthew Ship
Vice President - Digital and Fan Acquisition
Milwaukee Bucks

Alyssa Novak
Digital Marketing Manager
Milwaukee Bucks

Ben Conrad
Vice President, Digital Marketing & Automation
Milwaukee Bucks

Phil St-Pierre
VP, Customer Success & Partnerships

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