Minnesota Vikings Winter Whiteout | 6th Hashtag Sports Awards

Minnesota Vikings Winter Whiteout

Minnesota Vikings

The 6th Annual Awards

Nominee ✨
  • Best Social Media Campaign


In 2023, the Minnesota Vikings designed a creator/influencer campaign used to promote the “Win this Winter” 4 weeks of giveaways leading up to the Winter Whiteout game on 12/24.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

This achievement exemplifies ”Excellence in Engagement” by demonstrating a multifaceted approach that effectively leveraged content creators, relevant prizes, and targeted advertising to connect with and resonate with Gen Z audiences. The success of this campaign sets new benchmarks in fan engagement by showcasing the power of tailored content and strategic outreach in attracting and retaining a younger demographic.

Furthermore, this work not only inspires but also propels the industry forward by highlighting the importance of personalized and targeted engagement strategies in reaching and cultivating fan bases. The ability to surpass goals and achieve significant sign-up numbers within a short timeframe underscores the potential impact of innovative approaches to fan engagement, paving the way for future campaigns to adopt similar tactics for success.


Leverage the Winter Whiteout game to add 2,000 new Gen Z individuals to the Vikings' database. To attain this objective, the Vikings devised a four-week contest unveiling a new prize each week leading up to the Winter Whiteout game and strategically promoted it on social media with the help of influencers and content creators.

Strategy & Execution

Recognizing the broad spectrum of interests and motivations within Gen Z, the Vikings curated unique prize packs tailored to appeal to various segments of this demographic. Each week, prizes were themed uniquely (e.g., travel edit, fashion edit), and the Vikings collaborated with content creators specializing in those respective spaces/themes to craft compelling content promoting the contest on their channels to their existing audiences. Then the Vikings strategically utilized paid social to target specific Gen Z audiences with whom the content would resonate. This method ensured that the content reached the appropriate audience with a more efficient spending strategy, rather than allocating funds to broad marketing campaigns aimed at the masses.

Wk1: Travel Edit Influencer/Creator: Karlie Place Prize: $500 Delta Gift Card & White JJ Jersey

Wk2: Music Edit Influencer/Creator: DJ SKEE Prize: $1000 Ticketmaster Gift Card & gift pack (including DJ SKEE’s custom Air Jordans, UNRL hoodie and other items authenticated by The Realest.

Wk3: Style Edit Influencer/Creator: Shakira Jovanni Prize: One-of-a-kind Chainstitch embroidered jacket created by Shakira Javonni

Wk4: JJ Edit Influencer/Creator: DEEstroying Prize: A JJ Prize Pack (including JJ’s White Oakleys authenticated by The Realest, a limited-edition tee, and a $200 Tradehome Shoes gift card)


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  • Deestroying
  • Karlie Place
  • DJ Skee
  • Shakira Jovanni
  • Justin Jefferson


Alicia Dreyer
Creative Director
Minnesota Vikings

Christine Hastings
Advertising and Creative Strategist
Minnesota Vikings

Laney Austin
Manager, Social Strategy & Business Imapct
Minnesota Vikings

Caitlin Henry
Project Manager
Minnesota Vikings

Meaghan Fors
Innovation Strategy Manager
Minnesota Vikings

Heather Larsen
Sr Director, Digital Marketing & Content Strategy
Minnesota Vikings

Erin Swartz
Sr Director, Brand, Marketing & Project Management
Minnesota Vikings

Aniefre Essien
VP, Marketing & Analytics
Minnesota Vikings

Katrina Jaeger
Director, Partnership Activation
Minnesota Vikings

Amy Thomas
Manager, Merchandise and Retail Experience
Minnesota Vikings

Kim Ippolito
Manager, Digital Marketing & Media
Minnesota Vikings

Alex Miller
Minnesota Vikings

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