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MVC Mic’d

Minnesota Vikings

The 6th Annual Awards

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  • Best Short-Form Video



MVC Mic’d is a short-form video series that goes behind the scenes of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders’ (MVC) gameday, practice and lifestyle. This new series focuses on not just what the Cheer team does on the field, but also their lives off of it.


How does this represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

The goal of this piece was both to educate viewers on all that goes into NFL cheerleading, as well as to engage with a new audience of women, dancers, and cheerleaders. By using our NFL platform to give representation to highlight women, we received a level of female engagement that we rarely receive. With that, the entertainment of the piece engaged our usual audience, while the behind-the-scenes nature engaged any football fan because of the depth that is rarely seen with NFL cheerleading.


There are many stereotypes around NFL cheerleaders, many of them untrue. The objective of this project was to break those stereotypes by humanizing NFL cheerleaders. By highlighting all the hard work that they put in to representing their team, viewers got to see a behind-the-scenes look into one of the most fan-facing aspects of a Vikings game: our cheerleaders.

Strategy & Execution

Process: Worked with the MVC Head Coach to identify the MVC to be mic’d for a practice and a gameday, as well as identify which game would be best to highlight. From there, formed a relationship with the MVC by going to practice and making content with them casually. The producer and MVC HC then came up with a game plan of content deliverables that would be short enough to perform well on social media while still humanizing and highlighting the hard work of the MVC.


  • Minnesota Vikings


Maleah Pearson
Producer, Lifestyle Content
Minnesota Vikings

Jacie Scott
Head Coach, Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders
Minnesota Vikings

Londyn Butler
Social Marketing & Media Associate
Minnesota Vikings

Kim Ippolito
Manager, Digital Marketing & Media
Minnesota Vikings

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